One Sky Aviation Receives Cessna EVS STC

ANCHORAGE, AK — One Sky Aviation, a full service aviation maintenance facility based in Anchorage, AK. announces the award of FAA STC #SA02332AK for installation of the Forward.Vision EVS-100 (powered by Max-Viz) Enhanced Vision System as an "All Models List" for the entire Cessna single-engine piston product line. The line includes the 100 series, 206, and 207 models, accounting for 158 individual Cessna derivative airframes.

Cary Foster and Sharmaine Vestal, co-owners of One Sky Aviation, designed and developed the STC, which was then issued through the Alaska ACO.

The EVS 100 is the first General Aviation second generation product designed and manufactured by Max-Viz incorporated and marketed exclusively by Forward.Vision of Russell, PA. The improvements in this next generation EVS product sensor offer significantly enhanced design features and upgrades driven directly by operational experience of light aircraft pilots and operators to include active sensor processing and dynamic range management software.

The EVS-100 is a single LRU unit which weighs less than 1.5 pounds and mounts like any external antenna. One Sky Aviation is offering a special introductory price — including the EVS-100, STC installation kit, and certified monitor display — for a limited time.

"As both the STC developer and long term EVS operator, I can attest that the enhanced level of situational awareness brought on by the effective use of EVS products," says Foster. "Working cooperatively with the Anchorage ACO, we have developed the most comprehensive AML STC to date for the integration of Enhanced Vision technology. Installation of the EVS-100 via this STC will have a dramatic impact on risk mitigation and the enhancement of flight safety of pilots and passengers around the world."

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