Lycoming Earns IO-390 STC for Cessna 177 Cardinal RG

WILLIAMSPORT, PA – In two short months since the certification of the IO-390-A1A6 engine, Lycoming Engines, a Textron Inc. company, has earned a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for installing the engine in a Cessna 177 Cardinal RG.

The Cessna 177 Cardinal RG is a single engine aircraft made by Cessna Aircraft Company of Wichita, KS, also a Textron Inc. company, from 1971 through 1978. Its original engine is a Lycoming IO-360. This is the first STC Lycoming has received as part of the Lycoming Echelon STC program, which seeks to provide premium powerplant and firewall forward solutions for legacy aircraft.

"The 390 offers pilots more power in the same footprint as the IO-360," says Dennis Racine, Lycoming director of marketing and program management. "The benefits of the STC package include additional horsepower, improved performance in climb and cruise speed, and added value to the airframe."

Lycoming worked closely with Cessna Aircraft and McCauley Propellers to develop the Cardinal STC. Lycoming had developed and certified the IO-390 in response to requests from aircraft owners and pilots for a higher horsepower, four-cylinder engine. For several years, the uncertified version of a 390 Lycoming engine, the IO-390-X, has been powering many homebuilt and kit aircraft in the experimental market.

"We are pleased and honored that Lycoming has chosen the Cardinal as the platform for their first engine upgrade STC," says Keith Peterson, president of Cardinal Flyers Online, a type club of approximately 3,000 owners and flyers. "This engine gives Cardinal owners an excellent upgrade option while sticking with Lycoming, who has served the Cardinal fleet reliably and well for over 40 years."

The certified IO-390 Lycoming engine weighs 312-315 pounds and has rated 210 hp at 2,700 rpm. The four-cylinder, fuel-injected IO-390-A1A6 includes a robust rotating system, specifically developed cylinders, tuned induction system, Lycoming's roller tappets, Slick Start ignition, and front facing fuel servo.

The STC includes a new or rebuilt IO-390, Slick Start System, McCauley governor and all required hardware. The STC is approved with the McCauley two-blade propeller that was standard equipment on the Cardinal RG, replacement is optional.

Lycoming will continue to certify different versions of the IO-390 to fit customer requirements.

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