Esterline CMC Electronics' PilotView EFB Receives EASA Certification

PARIS, FRANCE — Esterline CMC Electronics' Class 2 PilotView Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) has been certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for ATR aircraft. ATR selected the PilotView EFB as a standard option for new aircraft production and for retrofits of in-service ATR-42 and ATR-72 aircraft. The dual installation PilotView EFBs will enable paperless cockpit operations, including aircraft data, procedures manuals, and interactive electronic charts.

"The PilotView is starting to show airlines how to save costs and the certification by ATR will enable regional airlines to capitalize on cockpit computer technologies to increase fleet profitability," says Bruce Bailey, CMC Electronics' Vice President, Commercial Aviation.

"We have selected CMC because it is a well-reputed EFB provider," says Carmine Orsi, ATR Vice President Engineering. "Their EFB equipment, which can be installed very easily, is available in several types of aircraft, thus ensuring strong commonality for maintenance, spares, and functioning. In addition, CMC's EFB allows the integration not only of standard, but also of specific software developed by clients and airframers. We appreciate the whole support offer of CMC, and the fact they include this software integration as a service."

The PilotView EFB is a compact, lightweight system with a display/processor unit that is easy to install in a variety of cockpits.

More than 23 STCs are available for the PilotView EFB on aircraft ranging from the Gulfstream GV and GIV and Bombardier Global Express/XRS to the Boeing 737. PilotView is the sole OEM Class 2 EFB option at Dassault, Pilatus, and Sino Swearingen. PilotView has been selected by Rockwell Collins for the Bombardier Global platform, by Embraer for the E-170/190 program, by Bombardier for the CRJ700/900/1000, and by Boeing for the Next-Generation B-737s and BBJs.

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