Iberia Signs Two New Engine Maintenance Contracts

Iberia has signed two new contracts to maintain Rolls-Royce aircraft engines.

For the next three years Iberia Maintenance will be the sole provider of engine MRO services on two Rolls-Royce RB211-535-E4 engines belonging to Russia's Yakutia Airlines.

Yakutia operates domestic flights in Russia and within the Commonwealth of Independent States. Among its fleet, there are Rolls-Royce-powered Boeing B757s.

Iberia Maintenance has also signed an MRO contract with India's Blue Dart Aviation Ltd. During the summer of 2009 it will provide these services on the three RB211-535-C37 engines powering the B757-200 cargo aircraft operated by the company, which is based in Mumbai and Madras.

The work will be carried out at Iberia's installations near the Madrid-Barajas airport. At the engine workshop, with an area of more than 52,500 m2, Iberia provides MRO services for RB211-535 E4, CFM56-5A1/-5B/-5C4/-7B, CF34-3A1/-3B1, and JT8D-217/-219 engines, as well as a wide range of accessories. It has bench-testing facilities for engines with up to 100,000 pounds of thrust.

The workshop performs comprehensive inspection, maintenance, repair, and overhaul services on engines and parts, and provides engines for rent and wing support, as well as engine trend monitoring services.

In 2008, Iberia Maintenance repaired 1,384 aircraft, 243 engines, 30 APUs, and 68,396 components. Its revenues from external clients climbed to 309 million euros, seven percent more than in 2007.

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