Pentastar Aviation Presents Edsel B. Ford II With First Production C-130 Yoke Mount

WATERFORD, MI – The Pentastar Aviation Maintenance and Design Team presented Edsel B. Ford II, Owner, Pentastar Aviation, and Rick Maloney, President and CEO, Pentastar Aviation, with the first production run articulating yoke mount (patent pending) for the C-130 aircraft. The articulating yoke mount is being supplied to C-130 military units in conjunction with the Esterline CMC Electronics' TacView Electronic Flight Bag System.

"The presentation of the first production run articulating yoke mount serial number 0001 means more than hitting a milestone or internal company objective," says Tony Bailey, director of maintenance operations, Pentastar Aviation. "It is significant because of the enhanced safety and functionality it brings to our military crew members who we are honored and privileged to be able to support. The articulating yoke mount allows the crew member to adjust the TacView Portable Mission Display to an optimum viewing angle during routine operations, move it totally out of the way during ingress and egress, and collapse it during extreme maneuvering.

"When combined with the TacView's exceptional tactical capabilities and the demanding environment, the military now has an inexpensive way to provide tactical and safety awareness information to aging aircraft where and how the crews need it without complete system retrofits and extended down-time. Other units are also benefiting from this and future plans include designs for other specific types of aircraft."

Pentastar Aviation also developed an articulating yoke mount to support the CMC Electronic's PilotView System in Gulfstream GII, G-III, G-IV, GV, G400, G450, G500, G550, LearJet 45, and Dassault FalconJet F50, F900, and F2000 aircraft, with many more aircraft types being added almost daily.

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