Executive Flight and Raisbeck Team to Serve Expanding Pacific Northwest's Learjet Fleet

SEATTLE, WA — Twenty-six-year air charter veteran Executive Flight, the latest addition to Raisbeck's Learjet Authorized Dealer network. Operating out of Pangborn Airport, in East Wenatchee, Executive Flight services the entire Pacific Northwest (more than 4,000 airports) and continental U.S. with their fleet of three turbo prop and 11 turbo jet aircraft, including seven Learjet 35s and two Lear 31s. Also FAA-Authorized for world-wide operations, Executive Flight was looking for ways to increase the operational flexibility of their Learjets, and that's where Raisbeck’s ZR LITE was introduced.

With the ability to increase range by a minimum of 10 percent, reduce fuel burn up to 14 percent, and provide a solid annual ROI, Raisbeck's ZR LITE Performance System benefits each and every one of Executive Flight's missions. Being a full service maintenance facility and FBO, Executive Flight performed the installation to 35A-323 in-house, with the help of a trained Raisbeck technician. Not long after, they were signed as a Raisbeck Authorized Dealer, and look forward to serving the rest of the Pacific Northwest’s Learjet fleet through upcoming ZR LITE installations.

"We look forward to our new association with Raisbeck Engineering, and the opportunity to provide this additional service to our current customers as well as Lear 30 series aircraft operators throughout the Pacific Northwest region," says Don Harter, COO of Executive Flight.

Executive Flight also operates a recently acquired Beechcraft King Air C90GTi, equipped with Raisbeck's Dual Aft Body Strakes and Crown Wing Lockers. Upon certification of the Raisbeck Quiet Turbofan Propellers, on-schedule in late 2009, the aircraft will be upgraded to a full EPIC performance system.

Raisbeck's 30 series ZR LITE Performance System has been certified since 2005, with the 100th installation quickly approaching.

"Executive Flight is a wonderful addition to our Dealer Network, with a state-of-the-art facility and highly-trained technicians I anticipate extensive sales coming through them," says Nick Nicholson, Raisbeck's Learjet Performance Systems Sales Manager.

For more information visit www.raisbeck.com.