Michael Combs Plans First 50-State Tour in a Light Sport Aircraft

DENTON, TX – Though he's still working on his Sport Pilot License at the U.S. Flight Academy, Michael Combs has plans to use his ticket as few ever will. He recently had an unveiling of the REMOS GX LSA he intends to fly in all 50 states in 2010. Few people have taken off on such an adventure with so little time in their logbooks and no one has yet attempted all 50 in a Light Sport Aircraft.

Combs' motivation developed when he recovered from a serious illness and he decided to focus on what means most to him in life. He had always wanted to learn to fly, so he made the decision to get his license. Then he struck on the idea of making it a flight that celebrates the human spirit and what it can achieve when it is focused — so he's calling his trip "The Flight For The Human Spirit."

Since LSAs are not legal in Canada and since the flight to Hawaii is beyond the range of a REMOS, Combs will truck the aircraft to Alaska and ship it in a container to Hawaii. The folding wings on the REMOS make surface transportation an easy matter. The total distance he expects to cover in the air is more than 18,400 miles.

"Some ideas hit you more like a calling," says Combs. "When this light bulb went on, I knew that it couldn't be ignored. This is an amazing mission that will not only inspire others to fly, but to live their lives with passion."

"When it comes to commitment, Michael leaves no doubt that he'll finish up his Sport Pilot rating, put a few extra hours in his logbook and head off on an Odyssey that few of would ever dream of undertaking," says Justin Shelley, a CFI and Sales Manager at US Flight Academy in Denton. "He's giving himself enough time to become thoroughly familiar with cross-country flying, and his REMOS is going to be an excellent choice for this entire flight."

Combs plans to address local media and show off his REMOS GX, named "Hope One" at each of his 134 planned stops around the country and his message is a simple one: it's never, ever too late to pursue your dreams.

For more information visit www.itsneverevertoolate.com and www.REMOS.com.