EDMO Distributors Adds Granitize Metal Polishes

SPOKANE, WA — EDMO Distributors, a distributor of avionics, avionics test equipment, installation, and pilot supplies has added the new line of Granitize metal polishes to its line of products.

Granitize Aviation recently finished developing a graded series of metal polishes specifically for the aviation industry. The series consists of six polishes that will polish painted surfaces, aluminum 22916T6 and 2024T6 (both clad and bare), as well as other metals, including steel and titanium. Each polish in the series is color coded in order to reduce cross contamination and to ensure the correct polish is being used for the job.

The Granitize System gives cutting power ranging from very heavy to extremely fine. Granitize Aviation even provides a chart that helps the consumer determine which polish to use and how to apply it. Polishes can be applied either by hand or by machine. The System has been tested by SMI and conforms to Boeing D6-17487 AMS 1650 and Douglas CSD #1.