Mxi Technologies Offers Latest Release of Maintenix Software

OTTAWA, CANADA — Mxi Technologies announces the addition of a Strategic Long Range Planning feature to the Maintenix solution. Leveraging the integrated design of the software, maintenance organizations are now able to align their current operations and future plans with the rest of the business operation.

With the Strategic Long Range Planning feature, maintenance organizations are able to:

  • Optimize aircraft availability, check yield, and hangar utilization against their near and longer term maintenance plans
  • Effortlessly analyze the utilization of resources relative to upcoming aircraft maintenance
  • Develop integrated "what if" scenarios that demonstrate the impacts of various plans to the facilities, aircraft, resource utilization, and the finances of the organization.

Once a long range plan has been developed and published across the organization, the software automatically calibrates the plan as new information, opportunities or challenges arise, ensuring the plan remains dynamic and that all stakeholders are working with accurate, real-time information.

"When developing new features for the Maintenix software, working collaboratively with our customers allows us to combine our product knowledge and innovation with the experience of some of the world's leading aviation organizations," says Les Hine, President of Mxi Technologies. "This latest feature not only maximizes the efficiency of maintenance planners, but also extends the benefits of automation across the organization as a whole, providing a tool that ensures that everyone working with maintenance data immediately has the most up-to-date information that they need to make crucial day-to-day and strategic decisions."

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