Stratos Aircraft Announces Assurance Deposit Program

July 21, 2009 (Bend, OR) – Stratos Aircraft today announced that the company is now accepting deposits for the Stratos 714 Very Light Personal Jet. In conjunction with the announcement, Stratos is also launching the Assurance Deposit Program™ as an incentive to attract early buyers who want to reserve their purchase position. This creative new program assures buyers that their deposits will be held in escrow, and can be refunded at any time.

True to form, Stratos has developed an innovative solution to a common challenge – how to manage customers’ deposits in a manner that assures the consumers’ best interest as its only priority.

Consequently, Stratos Aircraft established this program to avoid the missteps of some aircraft manufacturers, that have-in some cases-caused customers to lose their deposits. The Assurance Deposit Program is designed to hold deposit funds in interest-bearing escrow accounts at Wells Fargo Bank where the funds remain secure until applied to a progress payment that is made after a formal aircraft purchase agreement has been signed.

“Placing a deposit on a long lead time item like an aircraft shouldn’t cause the consumer discomfort in parting with their hard-earned dollars,” stated Kevin Jordan, Chief Sales Officer at Stratos Aircraft. “When you order a new Stratos 714, you don’t ‘part’ with your money, you simply move it to an interest-bearing account for future use. It’s liquid and it’s refundable,” concluded Jordan.

Early buyers of the Stratos 714 will enjoy the benefits of the Assurance Deposit Program that are unmatched in the industry. Depositors receive a copy of the Wells Fargo-Stratos Aircraft escrow agreement, and further assurance that deposited funds will only be invested in United States government or government-guaranteed securities. And because people’s lives, needs, missions and desires change, Stratos pledges that Assurance Deposit funds are fully refundable at any time until applied to a progress payment – no questions asked.

To learn more about the Assurance Deposit Program, contact Kevin Jordan at (541) 647-9611. Interested parties attending EAA AirVenture are encouraged to visit Stratos at space #320 and sit in the full-size cabin mock-up. If you simply cannot wait that long, visit and explore the new website — complete with Stratos 714 specifications, range maps, competitive comparisons and more.

Stratos Aircraft is based in Bend, Oregon, the epicenter of advanced composite General Aviation aircraft design and manufacturing. For more information on the Stratos 714, visit or call (541) 330-0714.