NTSB Chief Mark Rosenker Announces Departure From Board

He will delay his departure until a new chairman and an additional board member are confirmed.

He has been the Board Member on scene for the Safety Board's investigations on many occasions, including the October 2005 capsizing of the passenger vessel Ethan Allen in Lake George, New York that claimed 20 lives; the December 2005 crash of a seaplane in Miami that killed all 20 persons aboard; the August 2007 collapse of an Interstate highway bridge in Minneapolis that killed 13 motorists who were crossing the bridge at the time of the collapse; the June 2008 midair collision of two emergency medical helicopters in Flagstaff, Arizona; and the March 2009 crash of a single- engine plane in Butte, Montana, that killed all 14 persons aboard.

In March 2007, Rosenker chaired the NTSB's public forum promoting runway safety, held on the 30th anniversary of the deadliest aviation accident in history, a runway collision in the Canary Islands. In April 2008, Rosenker chaired the NTSB's public hearing into the accident involving a cargo ship that struck the fendering system of the San Francisco- Oakland Bay Bridge, and in May of this year, he chaired the Board's public hearing into the crash of a regional airliner near Buffalo, New York that killed 50 people.

For his leadership role in recreational boating issues, the National Safe Boating Council presented Rosenker their highest honor, the Confluence Award, twice. In addition, in 2007, the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators presented Chairman Rosenker with the NASBLA Award for his years of promoting boating safety.

Rosenker is a retired Major General in the Air Force Reserve.

He intends to pursue opportunities in the private sector.

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