Avidyne's Entegra Release 9 Selected for Lancair Evolution

It was chosen for its innovative single-pilot IFR FMS and overall ease of use.

Lincoln, MA, July 23, 2009 – Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated flight deck and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, announced today that their Entegra Release 9 Integrated Flight Deck avionics system has been selected by Lancair International, Inc. of Redmond, OR as an option for the Lancair Evolution aircraft. The Avidyne offering includes dual high-resolution IFD5000 Integrated Flight Displays, WAAS-capable FMS900w Flight Management Systems, and 16-watt all-digital VDL-capable VHF radios. Additional options include Avidyne’s MLB700 SIRIUS/XM for broadcast datalink, the TAS620 for traffic alerting, and the TWX670 for color lightning.

“Avidyne is renowned for making avionics that are easy to use and that enhance overall safety,” said Mike Fisher of Lancair International. “Release 9’s FMS and its truly-redundant system architecture are a great fit for our turbine-class aircraft, and we are looking forward to working with Avidyne on this program. Lancair and Avidyne have enjoyed a successful relationship and we look forward to the future with the introduction of the Evolution incorporating Avidyne’s Release 9 system.”

“We are pleased to be selected as an avionics option for the Lancair Evolution,” said Dan Schwinn, Avidyne’s President and CEO. “The Evolution’s unique safety-enhancing features coupled the addition of Entegra Release 9 – which is designed to make single-pilot IFR flying safer and easier – make a great match for this airplane.”

About the Evolution by Lancair

The Lancair Evolution is a four-seat, pressurized, composite aircraft powered by either a Pratt & Whitney PT6 turbine or Lycoming TEO-540 engine. According to Lancair it is capable of speeds in excess of 300 knots and is designed to accommodate numerous safety features including a ballistic chute, airbag seat belts and energy-absorbing seats.

About Entegra Release 9

Utilizing a fully modular architecture, Entegra Release 9 represents the next generation of integrated flight deck systems for general aviation aircraft. The Entegra Release9 system includes dual XGA-resolution IFD5000 displays, dual-redundant FMS900w systems with a QWERTY keypad, next-generation fully digital VHF NAV/COM radios, and dual WAAS/RNP-capable GPS receivers.

In addition, Entegra Release 9 provides a new level of communication between the FMS/NAV system and the autopilot, virtually eliminating pilot interaction. Once coupled, the FMS automatically switches the autopilot modes during transitions from en route to approach phases of flight, reducing pilot workload and eliminating ‘modes confusion’ associated with other systems. Entegra Release 9 is currently available as a certified retrofit upgrade for existing Entegra-equipped Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft.

Avidyne has developed a full schedule of “Entegra Release 9 Across America” Fly-Ins and Demonstration Seminars that are currently underway so that interested parties can experience the system in a city near them. As part of this schedule, Avidyne will be exhibiting and hosting Entegra Release 9 flight demos at the upcoming EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. From July 27 through August 2. For a complete schedule, go to: www.avidyne.com/products/release-9/demo-schedule.asp

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