NATA Seeks Industry Data On FAA Regulatory Interpretation Inconsistencies

Alexandria, VA, July 28, 2009 - The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) is conducting a survey of regulated aviation businesses affected by the lack of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standardization on regulatory interpretations.

NATA has launched the survey in response to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) beginning a review of inconsistencies in how field inspectors interpret and apply requirements on regulated entities.

NATA is highly supportive of this review and asked Members of Congress to request the study to address the mounting dilemma member companies face in dealing with the inconsistencies with interpretations between local FAA offices.

"We are asking interested aviation businesses that are certificated by the FAA to complete a brief anonymous survey that will allow the association to present summary data related to this important issue," explained NATA Vice President Eric R. Byer.

"One of the biggest burdens confronting the general aviation industry is the varying interpretation of FAA regulations by the agency's Regional, Aircraft Certification and Flight Standards District Offices," Byer explained.

NATA will compile the survey data received and provide a summary of the results to the GAO. The association is hopeful that the final GAO report will prove the significance of the issue, highlight a need for change within the FAA, and propose solutions that can address the problem.

The survey is available via a link on the NATA homepage at

NATA pledges to keep all information strictly confidential unless the submitter specifically agrees to be contacted and to have their information used in an identifiable way.