REMOS Aircraft Announces Creation of REMOS Pilot Centers

Oshkosh, WI – REMOS Aircraft, the world’s leading Light Sport Aircraft manufacturer, announced the introduction of the Remos Pilot Center (RPC) program at EAA’s AirVenture. REMOS is working with select Flight Schools across the country to establish Sport Pilot and Private Pilot training operations that utilize the REMOS aircraft.

REMOS Pilot Centers will operate REMOS GX aircraft for training and rental. REMOS has designed this program specifically to help revitalize the FBOs and flight training industry.

The REMOS Pilot Center program is headed up by Bob Anderson, a thirty-five year veteran of the professional flight training industry. In partnership with Gleim Publishing and Pilot Journey, REMOS Pilot Centers and their students will benefit from customized courseware specific to REMOS aircraft along with a PC-based REMOS GX simulator that will help students learn more rapidly and safely.

“REMOS Aircraft is launching a major program to attract more people to flying,” said Kenneth Weaver, VP of Marketing for REMOS Aircraft. “With a REMOS GX and the Sport Pilot Certificate, flying has become more accessible, easier, cost effective and personally rewarding. The REMOS Pilot Center program will help get students in the door, through their license requirements, and onward to aircraft rental and ownership.”

Building on the success of REMOS Aircraft currently in use by the Florida Institute of Technology and other recognized training programs across the country, the REMOS GX is establishing a record of high reliability, low operating cost and minimal maintenance, making it the preferred flight training aircraft.

To learn more about the REMOS Pilot Center program visit or call Bob Anderson at 407.556-3085, ext 2.