CAV Aerospace Provides Ice Protection For SR22 & Turbo, Corvalis, Caravan

OSHKOSH, Wis. – CAV Aerospace has produced more than 6,000 proprietary TKS™ ice protection systems that fly on aircraft ranging from single-engine piston-powered airplanes to mid-size business jets and unmanned aerial vehicles used to fly war missions for the U.S. military.

“We are proud of the work that we have done to give ice protection peace of mind to thousands of fliers and their families and to support our troops,” said CAV Aerospace Inc. President Kevin Hawley. CAV supplies the general aviation after-market and aircraft OEMs for installation on new aircraft.

Hawley provided the aviation media a briefing today at EAA AirVenture 2009 in Oshkosh covering recent activities and developments in the ice protection area. He was accompanied by David Schueler, Kilfrost Incorporated’s vice president, Commercial, The Americas. Kilfrost supplies CAV Aerospace and customers with TKS™ ice protection fluid.

Making Progress

Hawley noted that CAV Aerospace has made progress recently in a number of important general aviation segments, including high-performance singles and cargo aircraft. In addition, CAV Aerospace has partnered with Kilfrost on a number of joint marketing initiatives and developing approvals for an environmentally sensitive ice protection fluid manufactured from natural ingredients – TKS Sustain.

SR22 and Turbo

CAV Aerospace worked with Cirrus Aircraft to develop a FIKI (Flight Into Known Icing) TKS™ ice protection system for the high-performance single-engine 2009 Cirrus SR22 and Turbo models. Cirrus Known Ice Protection is an FAA re-certification of the SR22 and Turbos.


The full line of Corvalis singles is now eligible for the TKS™ retrofit. More than 100 Corvalis 400 TTs are now equipped with TKS™ ice protection as a factory option or retrofit. Now, owners of Corvalis 350s can have the system installed. CAV Aerospace, which holds the patent for the “weeping wing” TKS™ system, has received an amended FAA Supplemental Type Certificate to retrofit existing Corvalis 300s and 350s. The approval came after flight-testing in an early model Corvalis 350. The Corvallis 350’s predecessor, the Lancair/Columbia 300, is also eligible for TKS retrofit.


The single-engine turboprop-powered Caravan is now available with CAV Aerospace’s proprietary TKS™ ice protection system. This gives pilots of the legendary cargo and utility aircraft additional peace of mind when flying into know icing conditions. The system is available on new Caravan 208Bs.

TKS™ Sustain

Kilfrost’s environmentally driven new product development program, Kilfrost TKS™ Sustain, is unique to the aviation industry. Kilfrost Incorporated teamed with DuPont Tate & Lyle to produce the world’s first range of aviation de-icing and anti-icing products derived from a renewable source. All of Kilfrost’s sustainable products offer significant environmental benefits in terms of carbon saving and low toxicity, yet with no compromise in terms of performance and functionality. Kilfrost’s Sustain is also the only TKS™ fluid made from a renewable source.

Global Agreement

CAV Aerospace and Kilfrost have agreed to a joint global marketing and engineering certification program for TKS™ ice protection fluids used in the general aviation industry. The affiliation enables Kilfrost to grant CAV Aerospace the right to market, distribute and sell TKS™ fluids to manufacturers of new aircraft that incorporate CAV ice protection. Furthermore, CAV can market Kilfrost’s products to operators of aircraft approved for aftermarket modifications.

Joint Marketing Initiatives

CAV now offers TKS™ fluids, produced by Kilfrost, to thousands of aircraft operators who have the TKS™ ice protection system. Joint business development initiatives for the two companies include marketing materials, advertising, Web site promotions and trade show appearances.

Kilfrost Incorporated

Kilfrost has pioneered ice protection technology with world-renowned R&D specialists using wind tunnels, cold chambers and world-class technical expertise to test, evaluate and manufacture new products. Contemporary research concentrates on development of ice protection fluids that meet, and exceed evolving environmental standards.

Proven Systems

The proven TKS™ Ice Protection System flies on aircraft ranging from single-engine pistons to medium jets, providing peace of mind to their owners. CAV’s Ice Protection Systems customer base includes numerous aircraft manufacturers and the owners who fly their aircraft:

Cessna Aircraft Co.

Cirrus Design Corp.

Commander Premier Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft

Hawker Beechcraft Corp.

General Atomics

Mooney Aircraft

Piper Aircraft

Quest Aircraft

Socata EADS

CAV Aerospace, Inc. is headquartered in North America at the Salina Airport's Aviation Service Center in Kansas. CAV Aerospace delivers proprietary TKS™ ice protection systems directly to aircraft manufacturers and provides retrofit installations to after-market aircraft customers.