Avidyne Introduces FMS400 and Series of Entegra Release 9 Configure Options for Cirrus Aircraft

EAA AirVenture - OSHKOSH, July 28, 2009--– Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated flight deck and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, today announced a new lower-cost FMS400 flight management system and additional Entegra Release 9 Integrated Flight Deck (IFD) system configurations that provide three different price points tailored for increasing levels of capability and redundancy.

“Avidyne’s strategy is to provide a broad portfolio of flight deck options that meet the missions and budgets of our customers,” said Patrick Herguth, Avidyne’s Chief Operating Officer. “The FMS400 configuration allows Cirrus owners that do not require full WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) precision approach capability to enjoy the advanced, yet easy-to-use Entegra Release 9 and FMS functionality.”

“Avidyne strives to provide avionics systems that make flying safer and simpler for all general aviation pilots,” said Dan Schwinn, President and CEO of Avidyne. “We understand that not all pilots use their aircraft the same way, and we are committed to providing the simplicity and safety of Release 9 to meet the needs of each segment of the market.”

About the FMS400

Avidyne’s FMS400 is designed for customers who have no immediate plans to add WAAS precision approach capability, but still want to step up to the industry-defining, easy-to-use architecture of the highly-touted FMS900w, including Avidyne’s innovative GeoFill™ and FMSVectors™ capability. The FMS400 is fully upgradeable to the FMS900w should the customer decide to add WAAS precision approach capability at some point in the future. The FMS keyboard is optional with the FMS400, and it is included with the FMS900w.

About Entegra Release 9 Series

Avidyne now offers a series of Entegra Release 9 systems including Silver, Gold and Platinum configurations that take advantage of Release 9’s modularity to provide dual FMS900w (WAAS precision approach) or dual FMS400 (non-WAAS) FMS capability, as well as single and dual ADAHRS (Air Data and Attitude Heading Reference System) configurations.

The Entegra Release 9 Silver configuration utilizes dual FMS400s, a single ADAHRS, and includes dual XGA high-resolution displays with all the benefits of R9’s industry-leading user interface.

The Entegra Release 9 Gold configuration provides the full power of dual WAAS Precision Approach-capable FMS900w systems and a single ADAHRS.

The Entegra Release 9 Platinum configuration provides dual WAAS Precision Approach-capable FMS900w systems and a dual ADAHRS systems for an added level of redundancy.

Each of these systems includes dual XGA IFD5000 displays, dual GPS/FMS receivers, dual 16-watt VHF COMM radios, and an MLB700 SIRIUS/XM® Broadcast datalink receiver.

Other options include the PS Engineering PMA8000B audio panel, remote transponder, Avidyne TAS620 for traffic, and TWX670 for color lightning. In addition, an optional pre-fabricated wiring harness is also available that is designed to dramatically reduce installation down time.

With Entegra Release 9’s modular architecture, these new packages are fully upgradable to the higher-capability configurations should the need arise to add functionality.

Oshkosh Promotion:

For Entegra Release 9 Silver with the FMS400, Avidyne will include the FMS keyboard (ACD215) at no charge, and the ability to add Synthetic Vision for $5,000. (Total savings of $8,850).

For Entegra Release 9 Gold & Platinum systems with the FMS900w, Avidyne is offering an upgrade to Synthetic Vision and future upgrade to the DFC100 attitude-based autopilot for $10,000. (Total Savings of $15,000 Value).

This Oshkosh promotion is valid for Entegra Release 9 systems ordered between now and August 31st for systems installed by December 31, 2009.

Entegra Release 9 Availability

Orders for Platinum Entegra Release 9 systems with dual FMS900w systems are currently being accepted for mid-August deliveries, and can be installed in domestically-owned Cirrus aircraft and also for N-registered Cirrus aircraft in international markets. The FMS400 and single-ADAHRS systems (Silver & Gold) will be available starting in September 2009.

The DFC100 autopilot is expected to be certified and available in the first half of 2010.

Existing Cirrus owners should contact your preferred R9 installation facility for installation quotation and aircraft scheduling. For a list of Avidyne-approved R9 installation centers, go to: www.avidyne.com/dealers/r9.asp.

About Avidyne Corporation (www.avidyne.com)

Avidyne’s continuing leadership in innovation and its Flying Made Simple™ system design make flying safer, more accessible and more enjoyable for pilots and their passengers. The company’s expanding line of products include the industry-leading Entegra integrated flight deck systems for new and existing aircraft, datalink-capable EX5000 and EX500 multi-function displays and the dual-antenna TAS600 series of active traffic advisory systems, the MLB700 broadcast datalink receiver, the MLX770 world-wide datalink transceiver, and the TWX670 Tactical Weather Detection system. Headquartered in Lincoln, MA, the company has facilities in Columbus, OH, Melbourne, FL, and Boulder, CO.