KidVenture Build-A-Rib Supported by Wicks Aircraft Supply

Oshkosh, WI – This summer a couple hundred kids and a few adults had the opportunity to build a wing rib at EAA’s KidVenture, thanks to Wicks Aircraft Supply and a number of dedicated volunteers. Wicks provided the capstrip material and plywood to the program.

Volunteers cut the capstrips close to the needed size and then let the kids sand the wood so it would fit together in the rib jigs. They then stapled plywood gussets to the capstrips to hold them in place while the glue dried.

“Some kids have been back to KidVenture five or six times over the years with the idea of adding a new rib each year they come to Oshkosh,” said Roger Standard, coordinator for Build-A-Rib. In some cases, according to Roger, the dads sit down beside their sons or daughters to build their own ribs.

“We think it’s a very worthwhile program,” said Scott Wick, president of Wicks Aircraft Supply. “When you realize you can build a real wing rib at the age of 6, 8 or 10, hopefully you’ll be aware that it’s possible to build an entire airplane later in life. If we get just one homebuilder every summer from this program, it’s a success.”

It’s not necessary to go to KidVenture to build a wing rib. Wicks sells kits for makings jigs and ribs, which make a great Christmas or birthday gift.

For more information call Wicks at 800.221.9425. They have an online catalog that lists all products and can be accessed at