Parade of Planes Announces Updated Exhibitor List

Liberty and Sport Cruiser are scheduled to join the field of aircraft that will be on display.

August 10, 2009 (Duluth, MN) – Today, AMPT Associates announced an updated exhibitor list for FLYING Magazine’s Parade of Planes – Southeast. Liberty and Sport Cruiser are scheduled to join the field of aircraft that will be on display for the new aircraft sales event ranging from $99,000 Light Sport to $6.4M turbine aircraft.

“Consumers who attend Parade of Planes – Southeast will be able to compare a cross section of popular aircraft from Cessna, Cirrus, CubCrafters, Diamond, Embraer, Extra, Gobosh, Hawker Beechcraft, Husky, Liberty, Maule, Pilatus, Remos and Sport Cruiser,” stated Randy S. Bolinger of AMPT Associates. “Both Liberty and Sport Cruiser will represent something unique on the ramp so we’re thrilled to have them back.”

The Liberty XL2 is a fully-certified, FADEC controlled, two-seater that is the most economical certified flight trainer available. The SportCruiser is unique because it was purpose-built to be an LSA (rather than modified for the class) after the LSA rule was finalized. Thus engineers were able to take advantage of the full 1,320 pound weight restriction and build a proportionally designed aircraft.

For consumers who will be making a purchase in 2009 to take advantage of attractive tax incentives, the core Buyer’s Resources team will be on-site to answer the pre-purchase questions regarding tax, finance and insurance. Aero Credit Corporation, AirFleet Capital, Advocate Tax Consulting, and NationAir aviation insurance are an integral part of what makes Parade of Planes such an effective venue for both aircraft consumers and retailers. The Aircraft Partnership Association helps match aviators interested in sharing the total cost of aircraft ownership.

The following aircraft brands are scheduled to be at FLYING’s Parade of Planes - Southeast (actual aircraft models on display will be determined by each exhibitor):


Cessna – World’s largest general aviation manufacturer of piston, turboprop and turbine-powered aircraft for training, business and pleasure.

Cirrus – Manufacturing a line of parachute-equipped aircraft, the SR20, SR22, TURBO and Vision personal jet are available in the broadest variety of options, interiors and avionics suites available. The SR22, the best-selling piston aircraft model for six consecutive years, is now available with an option certified for flight into known icing.

CubCrafters – Manufacturer of the LSA category Sport Cub S2 and the standard category Top Cub, CubCrafters also specializes in complete refurbishments of the PA18 Super Cub.

Diamond – Manufacturer of a complete line of all-composite piston aircraft including the 2-place DA20, 4-place DA40, and the all-weather, twin-engine DA42 in both gasoline and diesel-powered versions. Diamond also offers the single-engine turbine-powered D-Jet for the ultimate in pressurized personal transportation.

Embraer – Embraer Executive Jets are among the most technologically advanced available. Designed for 35,000 cycles, the Phenom 100 is also an extremely robust aircraft.

Extra – As the world’s premier aerobatic aircraft, the Extra 300 is the only unlimited category certified aerobatic aircraft approved for 10+/10- Gs.

Gobosh – The all-metal 700 and all-composite 800 series aircraft are equipped with premium amenities to make them Luxury Sport Aircraft™ for discerning Sport Pilots.

Hawker Beechcraft – Manufacturing a full-line of piston-single and twin, cabin-class twin-engine turboprops and business jets for business, pleasure, training and special missions.

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