Cargoitalia Optimizes Flight Operations with IT From Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Systems and Cargoitalia announced that they have signed five-year contracts to provide the Italian air cargo carrier with integrated solutions from the IT provider's Airline Operations portfolio. This includes the Lido RouteManual navigation charts and Flight Management System (FMS) data to optimize Cargoitalia's flight operations processes. The airline also opted for Lido Topas and Lido Landing Performance, Lufthansa Systems' solutions for performance data analysis.

"Lufthansa Systems' extensive expertise and reliability in terms of service and product quality have convinced us. The integrated use of Lido RouteManual, Lido FMS and the Lido performance applications will considerably increase the efficiency of our operational processes and thus will help us to cut costs," said Angelo Boscolo, Flight Operations Postholder at Cargoitalia.

All innovative Airline Operations solutions from Lufthansa Systems are based on the Lido navigation database. The Lido RouteManual charts are generated directly from this database and meet the highest standards of precision and quality. They support visual thought with clear color-coding and self-explanatory symbols and thus enable pilots to see all relevant information at a glance. For the Italian cargo airline, the around-the-clock accessibility of Lufthansa Systems' helpdesk was another key factor that supported its decision to implement the solution.

“We are very pleased that Cargoitalia selected such a wide range of Lido products. This proves us right in developing integrated solutions which provide optimized performance as compared to individual solutions and reduce operational costs. Our product strategy meets the requirements of today’s modern airlines," said Stefan Auerbach, Senior Vice President Sales EMEA at Lufthansa Systems.

Lufthansa Systems’ performance solutions enhance take-off and landing procedures, save maintenance expenses, improve aircraft utilization and payloads, and reduce fuel consumption. The access to data of the around 1,600 airports in Lufthansa Systems’ database was another decisive factor for Cargoitalia´s decision.

The optimal take-off data depend on numerous variables, including take-off weight, runway length, Engine Out Standard Instrument Departures (EOSIDs), obstacles around airports and the weather conditions. Lido Topas takes all relevant factors for the take-off into account in order to determine the optimum take-off thrust, speed and the runway length required, which results in less fuel burn. The implementation of Lido Topas is the first step to a paperless cockpit as it runs on electronic flight bags (EFB) and replaces Runway Weight Charts. Until the Italian Authority ENAC approves the sole use of the Lido Topas solutions on board, Lufthansa Systems also provides Cargoitalia with Runway Weight Charts. In addition, the airline selected the Lido Landing Performance application which calculates the actual landing distances.