AMS Launches IS-BAO Audit Program

August 5, 2009 – Portsmouth, NH -- Aviation Management Systems, Inc. (AMS) announced they have completed their first International Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) certified audit for Gama Charters, Incorporated. Phil Gibson, an International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) accredited auditor and veteran consultant for AMS, along with Richard Thompson, Vice President – Technical Services Group successfully completed the audit process.

An increasing number of flight operations are implementing IS-BAO to demonstrate their compliance to a recognized international standard. IS-BAO is a voluntary standard with considerable benefits to operators, potential preferred insurance rates and satisfying selected ARG/US ratings without additional audits.

Gama Charters is leading the aircraft management industry with this IBAC certification. Tom Miller, CEO and Director of Operations and Tom Connelly, Director of Maintenance are taking a very proactive approach to safety management, and part of their safety protocol is obtaining IS-BAO certification. The Gama flight operations team will obtain a Certificate of Registration from IBAC for demonstrating their compliance with the IS-BAO standards.

“We are excited to provide businesses like Gama, this important IS-BAO audit service,” commented Lee Rohde, President of AMS. “This adds another dimension to our aviation consulting portfolio of products and services. AMS has played an active role in many facets of aviation safety and management for decades so we are proud to have Phil on our team as an accredited IS-BAO auditor,” added Rohde.

Phil Gibson received the auditor accreditation from IBAC earlier this year and combines his wealth of aviation experience to make the audits run quickly and efficiently. Phil's distinguished management and professional pilot career includes more than 28 years of FAR Part 91, 135 and 121 operations with over 17,800 hours total flight time and type ratings in the G450/GV/G550, Dassault Falcon 900B/C/EX, Boeing 737/757/767, Learjet series 20/30/50 and Fokker-28.

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) introduced the IS-BAO program as a code of best practice at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibit in 2002. It was developed by the industry, for the industry, using contributions from companies in four continents. At the core of IS-BAO is the operator’s Safety Management System (SMS), which requires that flight departments implement an SMS program. The goal of SMS is to manage safety risks effectively by integrating management of operations and technical systems with financial and human resource management.

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