Honeywell Selects InfoTrust Group as Single Supplier for Global Technical Publications Services

InfoTrust Group (ITG) will serve as Honeywell’s single global supplier for managing and providing day-to-day operations for all its technical publications needs within its aerospace divisions.


InfoTrust Group has been a key player in the Aerospace, Defense, Manufacturing, Automotive, High-Tech, Publishing and Health Care industries for more than 25 years. Today, our unique global approach is based on an in-depth knowledge of content, data and standards such as XML, SGML, S1000D, DITA, ATA and Military Standards. We deliver solutions to hundreds of companies, including international and Fortune 500, for their information processing, conversion, authoring, content and change management, publishing and distribution objectives. InfoTrust Group’s wide range of end-to-end solutions provide a strong ROI that increases productivity and produces more accurate and reliable information. To learn more about InfoTrust Group’s wide range of products, services and solutions, please visit

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