Honeywell Selects InfoTrust Group as Single Supplier for Global Technical Publications Services

IRVINE, CA – August 3, 2009 – InfoTrust Group, Inc. announced today it has been awarded a multiyear, multimillion dollar contract with Honeywell International, Inc. to provide technical publications services and products enterprise-wide. InfoTrust Group (ITG) will serve as Honeywell’s single global supplier for managing and providing day-to-day operations for all its technical publications needs within its aerospace divisions, covering over 4 million pages and 40,000 documents annually, including all new and revised publications and service information.

InfoTrust Group, as the source for publication authoring and production, replaces Honeywell’s previous practice of utilizing multiple vendors for servicing its myriad of diverse technical publications that were in place at individual Honeywell sites. The Aerospace Division of Honeywell, based in Phoenix, Arizona, is overseeing the operation.

“The goal of this project is to significantly improve the volume and quality of publications produced without having to increase our budget,” stated Brian Davis, Vice President, Aerospace Tech Ops, at Honeywell.”

“Beyond the financial value,” Davis continued, “this strategic initiative will allow Honeywell to provide its customers better support thanks to more modern, advanced technical publications.” He pointed out that, as a result of the conversion of all of the publications into XML and SGML, Honeywell will be offering more accurate, faster and multiple ways of accessing its technical publications.

ITG will use its web-based SkySuite tools to manage and control Honeywell publications and data. The technical manuals and documents are being converted to either SGML or XML and then loaded, authored, managed, approved and published with the robust SkySuite automated processing system.

ITG provides an eco-friendly solution that is helping Honeywell in their commitment to “go green” by significantly reducing the amount of paper required. The ITG solution suite also keeps Honeywell in step with its customers’ own initiatives towards advanced document systems.

“Due to our unique technologies and process automations, combined with the technical expertise of our technical writers and engineers, we are able to fulfill Honeywell’s requirements for a single system,” remarked Geoffrey Godet, InfoTrust Group’s CEO.

The project supports both commercial and military groups within Honeywell, and supports a vast array of standards including S1000D, ATA Spec2200 and Mil Specs. InfoTrust Group’s Engineering Services division, based in Phoenix, Arizona will be the operation center for the effort. ITG’s facilities worldwide will also be utilized to provide global support of the project.

“Our innovative approach and proven technologies have allowed Honeywell the capacity to outsource their technical publications while simultaneously keeping complete control over their data,” expressed Mr. Godet. “Honeywell personnel will now have real-time access to their data and can easily monitor changes and change requests, thus publishing and distributing more accurate and timely information throughout their company and to their customers.”

“InfoTrust Group is proud to have been selected to partner with Honeywell to help them improve their processes for technical publication control and delivery, and to improve their bottom line,” Mr. Godet concluded. “Our mission is to position Honeywell where it can not only realize significant process improvements, but leverage these improvements, passing the benefits along to its customers.”


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