FlightSafety Expands its Inadvertent IMC Training Program Designed to Enhance Helicopter Safety

LaGuardia Airport, New York (August 17, 2009) – FlightSafety International announces that it will expand its Surviving Inadvertent IMC training program. The course is designed specifically to help helicopter operators avoid, prepare for, or recover from inadvertent flight into Instrument Meteorological Conditions. The training will now be available at FlightSafety’s Learning Centers in Fort Worth, Texas; Tucson, Arizona; Lafayette, Louisiana; and West Palm Beach, Florida.

“FlightSafety’s Surviving Inadvertent IMC program is one of the most important and valuable training courses we offer the helicopter community,” said Bruce Whitman, President & CEO. “Our goal in expanding this comprehensive training program is to enhance the safety for all helicopter operators regardless of the aircraft type or mission they fly.”

FlightSafety’s highly qualified and experienced instructors demonstrate proven techniques and procedures designed to assist helicopter pilots when operating in an environment that could lead to entering Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions and to respond safely should this occur.

The training program is non aircraft specific and includes both ground and simulator sessions. It can be conducted in any one of the company’s full motion helicopter simulators and flight training devices. The simulator-based instruction reinforces the ground school training and provides the opportunity for pilots to apply policies and procedures and to practice IMC recovery.

The course can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of a wide variety of helicopter operations including Emergency Medical Services, Airborne Law Enforcement, Offshore Operations, Electronic News Gathering, Tour Operators, and Fire & Rescue.

FlightSafety currently offers a fleet of 12 helicopter simulators and flight training devices for aircraft manufactured by American Eurocopter, Bell Helicopter and Sikorsky.

FlightSafety International is the world’s premier professional aviation training company and supplier of flight simulators, visual systems and displays to commercial, government and military organizations. We provide more than a million hours of training each year to pilots, technicians and other aviation professionals. FlightSafety operates the world’s largest fleet of advanced full flight simulators at Learning Centers and training locations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.