X-Air LSA Focuses on Fun Flying

Bend, OR – The X-Air LSA has two very strong selling points. Priced at $59,995, it has the distinction of being the most economical, entry level aircraft in the Light Sport Aircraft field. The second point is that it was designed to provide pilots with an easy to fly recreational aircraft that is fun and exciting to operate.

If those were the only two benefits X-Air offered owner/pilots, it would be enough to justify the plane’s existence. There are more. X-Air is powered by the highly reliable Jabiru engine that allows cruise at 85 mph while sipping only 3.4 gallons of gas. There’s enough power and lift in the aircraft to tote 574 lbs of useful load, or 484 pounds of people and baggage with full fuel (15 gallons). The 43-inch wide cabin will allow two hefty people a comfortable afternoon of adventure flying. To enhance the airborne sight-seeing that is possible with X-Air, there is an expansive wrap-around windscreen and large, clear door panels (that can be removed). Four ceiling panels compliment the wide screen visibility.

The design has been around for over a decade and there are hundreds of copies of a kit version that was sold in Europe, before the design was converted to ready-to-fly status as an LSA and manufacturing was brought to Bend, Oregon. In the process of changing over to LSA status, a number of refinements were made, resulting in a more rugged, reliable product that doubles remarkably well as a trainer. The aluminum airframe is covered with sail cloth that is very durable as well as easy to repair if damaged.

X-Air offers pilots and students an economical, efficient, refined and reliable form of transportation.

The X-Air is handled exclusively in North America by Sportsplanes.com which can be reached at 801.420.6176 or by visiting www.sportsplanes.com.