REMOS Used to Fly 292 Students at EAA Air Academy

Oshkosh, WI – For the second year, REMOS GX aircraft were flown by the EAA Air Academies and Spread Your Wings programs to introduce students to Young Eagles while providing their first flying lesson. According to Bob Campbell, Manager of Museum Operations and Resident Education, 292 students from seven Air Academies and one Spread Your Wings Camp had their first flying experience in a REMOS GX. Four CFIs rotated the students through a series of15 to 20-minute flights.

Campbell said each student taxied to the active runway, followed the instructor through on takeoff, and then took control of the aircraft. After a series of basic maneuvers, the students followed their instructor through the landing sequence before taxiing back to the starting point. Each young pilot received a Young Eagles Certificate and a logbook recording their first flying lesson. In addition, 45 Canadian Cadets and 4 majors from that organization also received their first flying lesson at Oshkosh.

Campbell said the GX worked out very well. “The kids and their instructors love it and find it very easy to fly. It’s a great aircraft for this purpose.”

Every summer the Experimental Aircraft Association runs a series of Air Academies for different age groups. They also sponsor the Spread Your Wings Camp for underprivileged inner-city kids.

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The REMOS GX, designed and manufactured in Pasewalk, Germany, manifests the highest standards in precision, craftsmanship and finish. Known for its docile flight characteristics and exceptional performance, the REMOS GX has become the world’s leading Light Sport Aircraft in sales, popularity and training. Consumer benefits like comfort, excellent visibility, folding wings and the new amphibious float option assure REMOS’ continuation as the preferred LSA.