Wathen Foundation Air Academies Highly Successful

Riverside, CA – The Wathen Foundation has hosted several dozen Air Academies at its Flabob Airport location. So far, 52 middle school and high school students have enjoyed the program in 2009. As part of their experiences, they have learned about aviation weather from a former astronaut, about history from a pilot who participated in the Berlin Airlift, and about reciprocating and rocket engines. Each student participated in the construction and launch of an actual rocket.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the week-long activities was the first flying lesson offered to each student. They had the opportunity to fly an aircraft on the last day and they logged the time in their first log book. Response from the students was enthusiastic and universally affirmative.

The Flabob Air Academy provides a compelling introduction to the science, mathematics, engineering and technology of flight.

The Wathen Foundation will host another 2009 Air Academy on October 6 – 10. Enrollment is also open for six more Air Academies scheduled for 2010. For enrollment information contact Kathy Rohm at 951.683.2309, ext. 104 or write Kathy@flabob.org.