Aviation Maintenance Software Company, Avantext, Moves to New Offices

Conshohocken, PA (August 18, 2009) — Avantext, a global leader in producing interactive digital publication and software tools for the aviation industry, continues to drive advancement by moving into a new office that facilitates collaboration and expansion.

Avantext produces two core products for the aviation maintenance industry: the Airworthiness Directive Regulatory Compliance Tool and the Technical Publications. Their reliable and effective solutions make accessing and managing critical regulatory and manufacturer information quick and easy, enabling equipment manufacturers, maintenance professionals, and aircraft operators to comply with federal aviation regulations requirements.

In a time where many companies are relying progressively more on the Internet to collaborate, Avantext wanted to move into an office that would increase personal interaction in order to establish a friendly, team-oriented workplace where employees in different departments can access and communicate with each other as one entity.

“What I liked about this office is that it is all on one plane. This has broken down barriers between departments and has established a team atmosphere that initiates collaboration and the exchange of ideas amongst everyone. There is now significantly increased interaction between development, product management, sales, and customer service,” states Kurt Schoenkopf, President of Avantext.

According to Schoenkopf, a workspace that promotes the sharing of strengths and talents leads to more success and efficiency.

“We look to continually improve how aviation maintenance professionals receive, research, and utilize critical regulatory and manufacturer information. An environment that increases communication leads to the generation of more ideas on how we can achieve this,” explains Schoenkopf.

Furthermore, Avantext’s new offices provide them with the ability to expand. As they prepare to release a highly anticipated new AD product, moving into an office with flex-space was essential.

“The bottom line is that we wanted an office that would foster advancement. Having more team meeting areas, an open environment, and additional space is an ideal atmosphere for growth, efficiency, and the creation of innovative solutions,” Mr. Schoenkopf.

About Avantext, Inc.

Founded in 1992, Avantext continually improves how aviation maintenance professionals receive, research, and utilize regulatory information. Their highly effective and reliable solutions enable both aircraft manufacturers and maintenance professionals to readily access and easily manage critical regulatory and manufacturer information.

With their tools for Airworthiness Directives research and compliance as well as manufacturer-specific maintenance and service documentation, Avantext provides solutions for customers worldwide.