ServiceElements Adding New Division: Survey Research & Performance Metrics

Scottsdale, Ariz. (August 18, 2009) – ServiceElements announced today that it is expanding its services to provide senior management within the aviation industry with a powerful capability for collecting and analyzing market data on which they can build their business.

Spearheading the initiative will be ServiceElements’ Vice President, Survey Research & Performance Metrics, Owen S. Robbins. Through applied research and using propriety software, Mr. Robbins has years of success in generating market data and performance metrics which become the basis for action plans capable of systematically achieving corporate strategic goals.

“Companies looking to make the most of the current market conditions and being at the leading edge of the recovery will receive tremendous benefits from the data and business insights that Owen can bring to them,” said ServiceElements President Bob Hobbi.

Mr. Robbins is a clinical psychologist with 25 years of experience addressing the challenges of developing, managing and advancing corporate enterprises by strategically applying psychological knowledge and expertise. He has developed research-enhancing technology that has been used extensively over the past 15 years to integrate multiple performance measures that become the cornerstone of a company’s planning process.

“Companies that integrate research into their decision making process won’t find this level of research/analysis expertise and industry experience anywhere else,” Hobbi said.

About ServiceElements

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