Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Offers Extensive Lineup of Primers, All Free of Chrome and Lead Hazards

Andover, Kan. – Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings now offers a full line of quality, high-performing primers that are free of chrome and lead hazards. These priming options meet applicator needs whether they are working on commercial, military or general aviation aircraft while still meeting three key industry requirements – faster application, uncompromised protection of the aircraft substrate, and compliance with OSHA for lead and chromate exposure.

“We now offer the painter a choice in environmentally supportive primers, including our latest Chrome Hazard Free Epoxy Primer, Epoxy Primer Surfacer and Urethane Primer,” said J. Marc Taylor, Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Director of Sales. “These new low-VOC, two-component, corrosion-inhibitive products contain no hexavalent chromium (CR(VI)) and subsequently meet the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s (OSHA) latest standard for occupation exposure. As a result, Sherwin-Williams Aerospace is now one of the first coatings manufacturers in the world to offer a complete line of primers to be free of chrome and lead hazards available to the aerospace market.”

Chrome Free Epoxy Primer (CM0483787)

Pending certification to SAE’s Aerospace Material Specification 3095 (AMS 3095), it offers superior fluid and corrosion resistance. Extremely flexible, it provides a long, wet edge that is ideal for applying to large aircraft as part of a non-sand process. Designed to work with Sherwin-Williams Aerospace topcoats, it features quick dry to tape time, is VOC compliant (350 g/l) and meets regulatory standards by being free of chrome and lead hazards.

Chrome Free Primer Surfacer (CM0481968)

Certified with SAE’s Aerospace Material Specification 3095 (AMS 3095), this chrome free product provides versatile performance: it doubles as a primer and a surfacer so aircraft painters can eliminate costly steps in the painting process, as well as decrease the amount of time needed to complete a project.

It is a high-build product that flows out to an extremely smooth surface during application and often eliminates the need to sand and apply a “surface” coat between the primer and the topcoat. It also provides good sanding characteristics and excellent filling properties for composite substrates. VOC compliant (350 g/l), it is also free of chrome and lead hazards.

The new Chrome Free Epoxy Primer (CM0483787) and Chrome Free Primer/Surfacer (CM0481968) both offer excellent recoat/intercoat adhesion with Sherwin-Williams Aerospace topcoat systems and are designed to meet performance criteria set forth in MIL-PRF-23377, Type 1, Class N, Boeing BMS 10-79 and BMS10-72 (as part of a system) specifications.

Chrome Hazard Free Urethane Primer (CM0486707)

Used over a new, specially designed wash primer (Sherwin-Williams Aerospace CM0484684), this urethane primer provides an outstanding pre-treatment option to the chemical chromate filming process, i.e. Alodine or similar chrome systems. Also pending certification to SAE’s Aerospace Material Specification 3095 (AMS 3095), it is chrome and hazard free and eliminates waste water stream for compliance.

It is a low VOC, fast dry and easy-to-sand urethane primer that features excellent flexibility and high resistance to filiform, fluid and Skydrol. Providing high square feet coverage per gallon, it is significant and economical alternative to other aluminum pre-treatments.

For more information on the new chrome free primers and primer/surfacers or other Sherwin-Williams Aerospace coatings, call 1-800-888-5593 or visit