Aircraft Scheduled for Display at Golden Triangle Mall

Denton, TX – US Aviation, based at Denton Airport, will be placing a copy of the popular REMOS GX Aircraft on display at the Golden Triangle Mall, September 11, 12, and 13. The aircraft is significant because its pilot, Michael Combs, plans to fly it in all 50 states, starting next April. The journey will cover 18,400 miles. His aircraft, called Hope One, will be the first Light Sport Aircraft to visit all 50 states and his tour is meant to be a Flight For The Human Spirit. The REMOS GX is the fastest selling Light Sport Aircraft in the United States.

Representatives of US Aviation will have a map near the aircraft showing the location of people in the Denton area who are seeking partners in aircraft ownership. At the same time, US Aviation will be signing up members for their new Denton Light Sport Aircraft Club. In addition, they will be selling scenic flights over Denton. Each day they will have a drawing for a free First Flying Lesson.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the new licensing requirements for Sport Pilot. It will provide people with an opportunity to learn how they can convert dreams about flying into a reality. For more information contact Justin Shelley at 940.297.6411.