REMOS ATI School Qualifies Mechanics for National Network

Sebring, FL – For the eight REMOS dealers/mechanics who attended the first REMOS Aero Technical Institute (ATI) Program, there was nothing but praise for the materials covered and the methods used in teaching. The participants spent four days learning about the REMOS GX airframe and another four days with the Rotax engine that powers the GX. They were exposed to a lot of hands-on experience.

REMOS initiated this program to enhance their national network of mechanics trained for service and support of REMOS Aircraft. The airframe portion included a section on FAA regulations and ASTM standards along with inspections, repairs and service. The Rotax sessions included two days of hands-on engine servicing techniques, followed by two days of maintenance activity.

All A&Ps and Light Sport Repairmen who complete the ATI program are now qualified to operate REMOS Service Centers in the United States. It is anticipated that many REMOS Service Centers will be operated in conjunction with REMOS Pilot Centers which are also being established across the country.

Joe Benton said: “I found this class to be very informative.” Tom Tymn said: “I learned an immense amount in a short time. There’s no substitute for the hands-on experience gained.”

The course is intended for professional mechanics, but is also being opened on a limited basis to REMOS Aircraft owners. The next REMOS ATI Program will run November 9 through the 17th. For further information contact Rafaella Veyl at ATI by calling 863.655.5100.

The REMOS GX, designed and manufactured in Pasewalk, Germany, manifests the highest standards in precision, craftsmanship and finish. Known for its docile flight characteristics and exceptional performance, the REMOS GX has become the world’s leading Light Sport Aircraft in sales, popularity and training. Consumer benefits like comfort, excellent visibility, folding wings and the new amphibious float option assure REMOS’ continuation as the preferred LSA.