Bill O’Brien AMT Awards Program Now Online

Effective with the release of Advisory Circular (AC) 65-25E on June 3, 2009, the William (Bill) O’Brien AMT (Aviation Maintenance Technician) Awards Program is now online at This provides AMTs an easier and more effective way to participate and receive credit for initial and recurrent maintenance training courses. The new program is named after the late Bill O’Brien, a former FAA National Resource Specialist, co-founder of the original AMT Awards Program, and a well-known and respected advocate for AMTs nationwide.

The new online program has several levels, or phases, of recognition for both technicians and employers. Technicians who successfully meet the program requirements within a given calendar year will obtain a certificate of training, along with a Bronze, Silver, or Gold AMT Awards Program decal. Employers can obtain a Gold or Diamond Award of Excellence depending on the percentage of their employees receiving awards each year.

Part of the requirement for any award level is the completion of specific “core” course(s) available online. The courses focus on accident/incident causal factors, special emphasis items, and regulatory issues. The remaining program-eligible courses for an award may be provided by manufacturers, repair stations, FAA Safety Team- (FAASTeam) sponsored safety seminars or symposiums, or FAA Web-based training.

“We’re thrilled about offering this new learning opportunity for AMTs and AMT employers,” says FAASTeam Outreach Program Manager Bryan Neville. “Participation in the AMT Awards Program will help reinforce and promote a high level of professionalism and safety within the aviation maintenance industry.”

For more specifics on eligibility and requirements for the award program, go to the “Maintenance Hangar” section of and reference AC 65-25E, or click the help tab to access a detailed tutorial. Also, here’s an e-mail address for any additional questions: Please note that you must register on before you can enroll in the awards program.