PAS Technologies Announces Nadcap Certification for Miramar, FL, Facility

Kansas City, Mo. – September 3, 2009 – PAS Technologies Inc., announced today they have received Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) certification for their plating operations facility in Miramar, Florida for Quality Assurance and Chemical Processing. This accreditation makes the Miramar facility the first plating facility in the Southern Florida area to receive Nadcap certification for Chemical Processing.

As a provider of plating services and component overhaul and repair services, these certifications reinforce PAS Technologies’ reputation for providing superior performance reinforced by special processes and the ability to increase quality assurance for its clients to ensure that best practices and processes are being followed backed by continuous improvement and Lean principles.

“We are very pleased to obtain the Nadcap certifications,” states Dan Fayer, Vice President Quality, Process Engineering and Lean for PAS Technologies. “It affirms our hard work to ensure we meet Nadcap’s stringent quality requirements and we are proud that this certification makes our Miramar facility compliant to the high industry standards of excellence that our clients require. This ability to provide additional services establishes us as a ‘best value’ supplier for our customers.”

Nadcap’s accreditation at Miramar for chemical processing including Nickel, Chrome, and Cadmium plating, positions PAS Technologies as an ideal business partner for OEMs and their supply chains. “Miramar specializes in the plating of airframe, landing gear, and engine components with a team of engineering, processing, and quality control personnel to ensure parts are delivered on-time and conform to stringent industry specifications,” said Michael Clifton, General Manager of the Miramar plant. “Meeting aerospace standards for chemical processing, demonstrates our commitment and desire to grow our market share in the Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina markets.”

For more information, contact Michael Clifton at 1-954-624-3168 or Armando Barroso at 1-954-624-3163.

A privately held corporation headquartered in North Kansas City, Missouri, PAS Technologies Inc. (, specializes in providing cost-effective repair and overhaul solutions for the aerospace and industrial markets. By using innovative and proprietary high-technology repair processes, along with repair solutions licensed from OEMs, the company saves its customers from having to purchase costly replacement parts. It services a broad range of components, including gas turbine engines, critical airframe parts, gates and seats used in oil fields, specialized provider of services to the power generation industry, and components used in other industrial high-wear, high-heat and highly corrosive environments.