China Aviation Directory 2009 Published

MONTREAL, QC, CANADA, SEPTEMBER 7, 2009 - An English-version CHINA AVIATION DIRECTORY 2009 has just been published and is now available to the business public.

New to market, CHINA AVIATION DIRECTORY 2009 is the only source of the English-language information available on aviation industry in China. It is the only comprehensive and accurate Chinese aviation directory that has ever been published. This powerful directory is your connection to the entire Chinese aviation industry sector.

The 321-page directory (ISBN: 978-0-9733166-1-2) provides a comprehensive listing of all major aviation organizations and companies throughout China, including government agencies, societies and associations, airlines, airports, national corporations, aircraft and component manufacturers, engine and component manufacturers, airborne equipment manufacturers, tool and machinery manufacturers, aeronautical research institutes and universities, professional corporations, self-defence forces, space business, aviation hospitals, industrial parks, air shows, and foreign companies in China. The information given includes company name, names and titles of key persons, description on company history and current situation, technical strength, product lines, intention of cooperation, and contact details (address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses and websites). It also provides an overview of the Chinese aviation industry and information sources on the Chinese aviation industry. It also contains a key word index.

Dr. James Han, president of Business Data International Inc., believes the directory fulfils a need for the delivery of quality data on the Chinese aviation industry.

"For marketers or researchers targeting China's markets, trying to find reliable, current data has always been a troublesome task, with very few information in English being available to them. What this directory aims to do is plug this gap, offering those looking for such information a real choice."

Further information on ordering is available from Business Data International Inc., or Fax: +1 (514) 227-5424,