Lear 60 Aft Fuselage Locker Program Unveiled by Raisbeck Engineering

Seattle, Wash.-(September 3, 2009) Preliminary performance flight test results are in, and the data are favorable for continuing the development and certification of Raisbeck’s Learjet 60 Aft Fuselage Locker. Raisbeck officials have given the green light to pursue FAA-certification. The primary goal of zero drag or performance penalties due to the locker’s installation has been achieved throughout the Lear 60’s flight envelope. A composite aerodynamic shape representing the locker was used to verify flight performance.

Raisbeck’s CFD Aerodynamicist and Engineer Davud Kasparov commented: “This is the first program to use our new in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics capability that we’ve approved for go-ahead to FAA-certification. We are pleased to see the flight test confirm our design goals.”

Raisbeck engineers, along with program chief test pilot Pete Reynolds, conducted flight tests during the month of August from Executive Flight’s Wenatchee, Washington facilities. Executive Flight, a Raisbeck Engineering Dealer/Installer, is providing the test aircraft.

James Raisbeck, CEO and President of the company, had this to say: “Our engineering and marketing folks have once again teamed up to satisfy a real need in the business jet marketplace. Our internal use of CFD has replaced previously contracted work in this area, and greatly expanded our hands-on knowledge as well as reduced our development time. I expect this to be one of the smoothest and most productive of our locker series, both on the Learjet and King Air models.”

The goal of the program is to provide 25 cubic feet of capacity holding an additional 300 lb of baggage in an Aft Fuselage Locker, similar to that on the Lear 31/35/36 fleet, but with almost three times their capacity. Also, at a minimum no increase in airplane drag will be allowed. Once certified, the locker will be a post-production and aftermarket option for all Lear 60 and 60XR aircraft, similar to the Lear 31 Aft Fuselage Locker program, jointly carried out by Learjet, Bombardier Aviation Services and Raisbeck Engineering.

Market data collected from Learjet 60 owners and operators have shown they collectively agree the aircraft has need for additional baggage capacity.

Raisbeck began studies on the Lear 60 in late 2000, culminating in flight verification of its first system for that airplane, the Locker in August 2009. It plans to officially introduce the program at NBAA 2009 in Orlando, Florida.

The Raisbeck Aft Fuselage Locker program for the Lear 60/60XR is another in a continuing series of performance and productivity improvement programs for the Learjet fleet of aircraft. Currently, the Raisbeck Aft Fuselage Locker is available for Learjet 31/35/36 aircraft, along with the drag-reducing ZR LITE Performance System. Most Lear 31s, and many Lear 35s have one or more of these systems installed. Information about these systems can be found at www.raisbeck.com.

Raisbeck Engineering continues in the tradition of its founder and CEO, James Raisbeck, to bring innovative systems and products to a broad range of Business and Commercial aircraft thru advanced technology application to existing fleets and new aircraft. Contact Raisbeck at sales@raisbeck.com to receive progress reports during the 60 Aft Fuselage Locker certification process.