BAE Systems and Quest International UK Lead the Way in Setting New Cabin Air Standards

CCFT (Close Coupled Field Technology) eliminates smells, and breaks down and destroys airborne pathogens, contaminants and toxins.

Sean McGovern added:”We have processed the AirManager through the full European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) verification and certification programme and cleared it for application on our BAe 146 and Avro RJ regional jetliners. To further evaluate the system, this year we have installed the AirManager into the flight deck and cabin air systems of eight aircraft with five European airlines.”

The service evaluation, which is coming to an end, includes pre and post installation cabin air measurement of VOCs, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, humidity and temperature. Mr McGovern said: “Our customers are delighted with the AirManager system as it does everything that Quest and ourselves said it would. In addition, we have identified potential fuel burn savings, as the AirManager system cleans the air allowing the air conditioning system to operate more fully in ‘re-circ’ mode. We believe the fuel burn savings are likely to at least cover the purchase cost of the AirManager in the first year.”

For the BAe 146/Avro RJ two AirManager units will be required to provide full clean air coverage at a cost comparable with using existing conventional filters. Installation of the system is straightforward and can be achieved in stages across several days as part of overnight line maintenance activity. Replacement of the units will be carried out at ‘C’ Check intervals when the unit is exchanged for a new one, with the old unit being overhauled at a service centre. The system cost should be no more than a new replacement passive filter unit that is currently used in most aircraft.

For the Boeing 757, a passenger variant of the aircraft would require five AirManager units and a freighter aircraft one unit.

BAE Systems is marketing the AirManager to its BAe 146/Avro RJ customer base and has placed initial orders with Quest International UK for 25 ship sets. One of the trial airlines has now ordered the AirManager for its Avro RJ fleet and BAE Systems’ own Corporate Air Travel executive shuttle operation has also ordered the system.

The Asset Management and Support businesses of BAE Systems Regional Aircraft will be marketing the AirManager technology to airlines worldwide. Paul Stirling, Executive Vice President Asset Management said: “BAE Systems has a strong belief in AirManager and we will work hard to generate airline interest and orders. We are working closely with Quest International UK to determine the next STCs to be developed and it is likely that our efforts will focus on the popular Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 airliner families.”

Throughout the four-year technology verification process and now at the start of bringing AirManager to the aviation market, BAE Systems has, and will continue to work in close collaboration with Quest International UK. Alex Parffitt, Principal Scientist, Emerging Technology Group of BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre stated: “We increasingly see our role as fostering and nurturing the best technology from many different sectors and particularly from SMEs and academia. Our collaboration with Quest International UK is a good example of technology brokering and illustrates how open BAE Systems is to new and innovative ideas and products for the benefit of all.”

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