Mxi Technologies Announces the Commercial Availability of Maintenix Version 6.9

Ottawa, Canada (September 22, 2009) – Mxi Technologies, the leader in aviation maintenance management software, announced today the commercial availability of Maintenix version 6.9 (v6.9). This latest release integrates feature enhancements within Maintenix core functionality to address the individual maintenance management requirements of airlines, defense organizations and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

“Maintenix v6.9 represents the latest advances in technology-enabled best practices for maintenance management. This comes from detailed industry working sessions in which Mxi and leading global maintenance experts identified ways to further streamline the management of regulatory compliance and maintenance planning,” says Evan Butler-Jones, Product Marketing Manager at Mxi Technologies.

Maintenix v6.9 also supports two recently announced key value-added features to address customer-specific maintenance requirements:

Long Range Planning

• Provides detailed and accurate information to make strategic business decisions related to forecasted fleet management.

Deployed Operations

• Addresses the unique set of challenges faced by defense organizations in managing intermittent or discontinuous fleet connectivity and enables stand alone entities of a permanent or temporary nature for an indefinite period.

“The release of v6.9 further solidifies our position as an innovation leader in the aviation maintenance management industry. Our commitment to streamlining the maintenance process and improving efficiencies for our customers has established the Maintenix solution as a key enabler in moving to a new way of doing business,” says Les Hine, President, Mxi Technologies.

About Mxi Technologies

Mxi Technologies provides integrated, intelligent aviation maintenance management software, bringing innovation and thought leadership to aviation organizations seeking to improve their labor productivity. The Mxi Maintenix® software uses a modern architecture and provides advanced capabilities such as a role-based Web browser interface, automated workflow, integration adapters, electronic signatures, and support for portable wireless devices. In addition to supplying Maintenix, Mxi provides a full range of services including Maintenix implementation, business consulting, systems integration, training, and support. For more information, please visit