Glasair Wows Reno With a New Speed Record!

Arlington, WA, September 29, 2009 — Reno racer Jeff Lavelle got the attention of spectators and participants at the 2009 National Championship Air Races in Stead, Nevada when he set a new speed record last week. Lavelle scorched the course in his Glasair III to set a new Reno Sport Class qualifying record of 357.683 MPH!

Lavelle’s Glasair III is a factory stock airplane powered by a twin turbocharged Lycoming TIO-540 engine developed by Grant Semanskee of Snohomish, WA.

“Glasairs are known to be one of the best sportplanes on the market – strong and fast – but I think it’s now clear to everyone that Glasairs are really fast!” Lavelle said after his recording breaking flight.

Lavelle flies year round for both business and pleasure, though never misses the chance to drop into the Reno Air Races with his Glasair III to break some records.

“The Glasair III is amazingly versatile,” Lavelle said. “It’s incredibly strong yet very comfortable. My turbo-III will climb at over 3000 fpm and cruise at up to 340mph! I don’t know of any other sportplane that does so many things as well as the Glasair III.”

The Glasair was the first pre-molded composite aircraft kit ever offered. To date more than 300 are flying in countries around the world. The standard Glasair III can cruise in excess of 300 mph, while offering a range of more than 1200 nm with VFR reserves.

The first Glasair flew in the late 1970’s and the Glasair III is latest version of the aircraft, the result of years of evolution in airframe and engine technologies. The Glasair III kit is manufactured by Glasair Aviation in Arlington, WA. The company is also well known for making the Sportsman 2+2, a four-seat, composite and metal general purpose airplane.

For more information on the complete line of Glasair products, visit the company’s website at or call 360.435.8533.