REMOS Signs ProMark Aviation

Burnet, TX – REMOS Aircraft has signed an agreement designating ProMark Aviation Services a REMOS Pilot Center. ProMark Aviation, located just west of Austin, will be taking delivery of their new REMOS GX in the near future and will immediately launch the exclusive REMOS Sport Pilot training and rental programs.

Due to the potential savings in operating a REMOS GX, it is expected that the aircraft will be popular with existing sport or private pilots for recreational flying or time building.

“We are thrilled to be associated with a company that offers the whole flight training package including the best selling LSA in the country along with the most comprehensive training program, business development assistance as well as a full range of advertising and promotional support,” said Ken Wittekiend, President of ProMark Aviation Services. “The Sport Pilot program is the fastest growing segment of general aviation. We see a great opportunity to add new pilots at lower cost without compromising safety.”

REMOS Aircraft has begun developing a national network of pilot training and service centers to support the owners of REMOS Aircraft and to stimulate growth in flight training operations.

For more information on the new program at ProMark Aviation Services, visit or call 1.830.385.1593.

REMOS Aircraft is the world’s leading light aircraft manufacturer. Founded in 1994, REMOS is an international aerospace manufacturing company with operations in the Europe and North America. REMOS’ flagship product, the REMOS GX aircraft, is an all-composite, single engine, recreational aircraft certified by the FAA and EASA. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Pasewalk, Germany, REMOS aircraft are distributed and supported world-wide through a network of specialty sales, maintenance and flight training programs. For more information please visit or telephone 877-REMOS-88.