Pro Star Aviation Announces FAA Certification of the Kollsman General Aviation Vision System (GAViS™) in the Sikorsky S-76A, S-76B and S-76C Models

On September 4, 2009, Pro Star Aviation received the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) number SR00289BO to install the Kollsman, Inc. General Aviation Vision System (GAViS™) in the Sikorsky S-76A, S-76B and S-76C transport category helicopters.

GAViS™ is an un-cooled Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) video camera which has been developed to improve situation awareness by extending the pilot's forward vision at night and some low visibility conditions. The Field Of View (FOV) for the GAViS™ is 30° Horizontal by 22.5° Vertical and was chosen in order to provide the same range perception in the image as seen by the pilot’s eyes. GAViS™ contains specially developed automatic gain control algorithms that prevent solar radiation damage when staring into the sun. It is an ideal product for this category of helicopter based on its compact size (3 inches high, 6 inches wide and 11.5 inches long) taking into consideration the limited available mounting space on the helicopter. The GAViS™ camera is a single self-contained aerodynamic unit in a hermetically sealed housing which is designed to be mounted to the exterior of the helicopter. The GAViS™ works with any video capable display that takes the RS-170 SMPTE analog video input. Among others, these include Flight Display Systems models (incl. the "Flipper"), Rosen, Universal UCD's and Class II (and above) EFB's. New avionics systems like Collins ProLine 21, Garmin 1000, Avidyne 9 and others are adding or have added compatible video inputs. GAViS™ is listed within the Security Hunter GSA schedule GS-07F-0029M (Total solutions for law enforcement, security, facilities management, fire, rescue, clothing, marine craft and emergency/disaster response).

The installation includes the GAViS™ camera, one (1) or two (2) Flight Display Systems FD50HMT Advisory Information Displays (AID), an annunciator/switch to control system power, and an optional video isolation transformer. The GAViS™ camera is mounted on the centerline of the helicopter’s nose cone upper surface, just aft of the radome seam. It is installed with a wedge to contour to the nose cone, as well as setting the fixed angle of the camera. The display(s) are mounted in the cockpit on the outboard sides of the glareshield. The power annunciator/switch is located on the instrument panel and incorporates markings indicating its function. Be sure to check out our video on YouTube:

Pro Star Aviation has extensive experience working on avionics for the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter. Over the last 10 years Pro Star Aviation has worked with numerous Fortune 100 companies that operate S-76 helicopters. Installations have included Honeywell EFIS and Primus 880 Radar, Collins Navigation and Communication suites including Radio Tuning Units, Aircell and TrueNorth Iridium phones, and Sky Connect and Skytrac Iridium based flight following systems. Pro Star Aviation also holds STC’s in the S-76 models for the Garmin GMX-200 MFD and GDL-69 XM Weather system, Universal Avionics System Corp. (UASC) UNS-1Fw or UNS-1Lw FMS with an LP/LPV Monitor, software upgrade on the UASC Universal Cockpit Display (UCD) system, the L-3 Communications Avionics Systems GH3100 Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS), and a Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Cover Antenna Mount. Many of these projects have been accomplished at the customer’s location during annual inspections or heavy maintenance events. Pro Star Aviation current facilities include a 17,000sq ft hangar with 4,000sq ft of shop and office space as well as a 3,500sq ft office building at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (KMHT) in New Hampshire.

Engineering has always been a focal point of Pro Star Aviation's installation business. Starting with one in house engineer, we have expanded to five engineers. Two of our engineers are FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) and together cover the Flight Analyst and Systems/Equipment Electrical authorizations. In just 10 years, Pro Star Aviation's Engineering Staff has been awarded over 40 STC's ranging from TCAS, FMS, Satcom, HSD, Satellite TV, EGPWS and EFIS systems on all sizes of corporate aircraft. Our STC's have been assimilated into many foreign countries and are sold all over the world. In addition to the expertise that our avionics installation and repair departments have, we pride ourselves with a comprehensive maintenance staff which has extensive experience with major inspections and repairs.

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