NAASCO Celebrates 25 Years

NAASCO opened its doors in April 1984 and by October of the same year, the ink went from red to black and hasn’t changed colors since. Founder and current President, John Leslie, started NAASCO with nothing more than a donated test stand, an old kitchen table and a type writer with a missing capital “A”. Twenty five years later, this small company has made a huge impact on the aviation repair and overhaul business through innovative technology and dedication to cost effective solutions to problem components.

Starting in 1988, NAASCO worked closely with a major cargo carrier to develop a repair process for expendable electrical contacts used in the power relays for the Boeing 727 freighter. After two years and seven thousand hours of testing, the repair process proved to be flawless. This was the start of NAASCO’s proprietary “Sil-Met” repair technology. Since then we have developed hundreds of repair processes for contacts and terminal boards used in most aircraft flying today.

In 1992, NAASCO introduced the first in a series of starter generator improvements with the introduction of the original “Long Life” brush, allowing operators to reach TBO (Time Between Overhaul) without a brush change and reducing commutator wear by a factor of ten. This revolutionary new brush was given the trademark “ETR”, an acronym for Electrographitic Treated Resins. The momentum continued with the introduction of NAASCO’s proprietary ETR-20 improvement program which is an FAA approved addendum to the 1960’s technology OEM overhaul manuals. Two years later we released to the industry the patented ETR-25 “Mercury Mod”, a cooling modification for certain 150 amp starter generators and most recently for 200 amp units. The technology continues to include electric motors for blowers, actuators, pump motors and more.

With a vast history of developing industry leading repair solutions along with rapid turn times and outstanding quality for the aircraft repair and overhaul industry, Mr. Leslie vows to continue this tradition for the years to come. Visit the NAASCO web site at for the complete story and capabilities listings.