Timberland PRO Launches "Stay On Your Feet" to Support Workers on the Job

The site will also allow visitors to search for sector-specific jobs in their area and tell their story for a chance to win a pair of Timberland PRO® Endurance workboots.

Stratham, NH, October 2009 – Timberland PRO, a leader in developing quality footwear for the working professional, is building on its heritage of keeping workers on their feet and performing well on the job, now more important than ever in the current economic environment. Today, Timberland PRO launched a new program and Web site, “Stay On Your Feet,” (www.stayonyourfeet.com), which will equip workers with vital tools for the job. Visitors to the site will have an opportunity to learn more about the Timberland PRO® Endurance workboot, engineered using an innovative anti-fatigue technology to provide long-lasting comfort to those who spend prolonged periods of time on their feet. The site will also allow visitors to search for sector-specific jobs in their area and tell their story for a chance to win a pair of Timberland PRO® Endurance workboots. Timberland PRO will also support the effort via social media channels, such as Twitter (@TimberlandPro), Facebook and YouTube, as well as through local market radio promotions and a TV campaign.

Specific features of the site include:

• “Toughest Man” Contest – Visitors can enter to win a pair of Timberland PRO® Endurance workboots (valued at $140) by telling Timberland PRO about their toughest day on the job. A weekly winner will be selected from the entries received based on the uniqueness of the story and how well it reflects the theme. At the end of the contest, a grand prize winner from the weekly winners selected by Timberland PRO will receive a $1,000 American Express gift card and a pair of Timberland PRO® Endurance workboots for themselves and four friends. For more information visit: www.stayonyourfeet.com/giveaway.

• Job Listings – Through a partnership with CareerBuilder.com, workers can view job listings relevant to specific industries such as construction and manufacturing, and can also opt-in to receive text messages with job openings delivered in real-time.

• Product Demonstrations – Visitors can view product demos about the Timberland PRO® Endurance workboot and find out more about the boot’s specific features and benefits, including Timberland PRO’s exclusive Anti-Fatigue technology; electrical hazard protection; and steel toe and puncture-resistant outsole.

“For over a decade, Timberland PRO has prided itself on offering the utmost craftsmanship and quality for working professionals who require the best comfort and protection on the job,” said Jim O’Connor, Senior Director of Product and Marketing, Timberland PRO. “Whether someone works 12-14 hours on their feet, has had a change in their career over the past year or just needs to stay comfortable and protected, Timberland PRO is committed to keeping working professionals at the top of their game. Through this new site, we’re able to help keep workers on their feet by providing critical information to outfit them appropriately for the job at hand.”

Launched in Fall 2008, the Timberland PRO® Endurance workboot has quickly become one of Timberland PRO’s fastest-selling workboots.

The Timberland PRO® Endurance workboot is designed to provide all-day standing comfort and support through a geometrically constructed mid-sole, which features molded, inverted cone shapes that increase the mid-sole's ability to support, collapse and return when pressure is applied.

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