Stratos Aircraft Secures First Deposits Before Heading to NBAA With Full Scale Jet Mockup

Verson Pandian, owner of Cascade Air Charter in Bend, OR, is the first Stratos 714 buyer to take advantage of the fully-refundable Assurance Deposit Program™ that was just introduced.

The Stratos 714 is the next generation personal air transportation solution that combines excitement and function with high speed, long range, and spacious comfort, all in one easy-to-fly, easy-to-maintain, very light personal jet. The Stratos management team consists of successful entrepreneurs, business development and execution experts, and experienced engineers. Stratos Aircraft is based in Bend, Oregon, the epicenter of composite General Aviation aircraft design and manufacturing and is dedicated to the design, certification, manufacturing and marketing of the Stratos 714. For more information about the Stratos 714 and their new fully refundable Assurance Deposit Programâ„¢ please call +1-541-330-0714 or visit

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