Hangar 10 Project Enters Phase II at MKC

October 14, 2009, Kansas City, MO, Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport (MKC)…The new Hangar 10 aviation services complex at the Kansas City, MO Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport (MKC) broke ground on Phase II of its construction project and was awarded a $3.5 million tax credit by the State of Missouri.

In ceremonies held at the facility, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced the decision to award the tax credit based on an application made by the City of Kansas City, MO to the long established Tax Credit for Contribution Program (TCCP). The program historically issues one-time economic incentives aimed at stimulating the local economy through investments in infrastructure.

Over the past two years, the Kansas City Aviation Department has been actively involved in a program to upgrade the airport infrastructure and has initiated more than $90 million in refurbishment and construction projects designed to improve the airport’s runways, taxiways.

According to Brad Chandler, General Manager of Hangar 10, the tax credit will be used to offset extraordinary costs incurred during the initial construction phase including extensive work to stabilize poor soil conditions. Chandler said the tax credit was a necessary financial component to complete the construction project.

Hangar 10 opened in May after completing Phase I of their master-planned 91,000 sq. ft. aviation services complex which is located on 10 acres at the Northwest end of the airfield. Under this initial phase a temporary terminal facility was constructed along with a new 40,000 gallon fuel farm and an extensive ramp built to accommodate fully fueled transport sized business aircraft such as a Boeing BBJ.

Phase II will include the construction of a new terminal building and the first of three planned hangar bays which will total 56,000 sq. ft. when completed. Two of the hangar bays will be capable of handling Gulfstream 650 and Global Express sized aircraft.

About Hangar 10

Hangar 10 is an Aviation Services facility located at Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport (MKC), Kansas City, MO. The mater-planned 91,000 sq. ft. complex includes three hangar bays and an executive terminal that houses a fully equipped fitness center. Other amenities include overnight pilot quarters, conference and meeting facilities, customer and pilot’s lounges and an advanced flight planning area. For more information contact Brad Chandler, General Manager, at 913-515-8557 or brad@hangar10mkc.com.