Alenia Delivers Second Refurbished and Modernized C-27/G.222 Aircraft to USAF for Afghanistan

Capodichino, Italy - Alenia North America delivered the second C-27/G.222 aircraft to the United States Air Force on October 2 at Alenia’s Capodichino facility near Naples, Italy. The first refurbished and modernized aircraft was delivered September 25, at Capodichino as well, the site of original G.222 assembly. Both aircraft were delivered on time and on cost.

This is the second of 18 C-27/G.222aircraft ordered by the USAF to be delivered. 10 other C-27/G.222 aircraft are currently undergoing refurbishment and modernization at Capodichino. All 18 aircraft are scheduled for delivery before the end of 2011.

Designed as a true military airlift, the C-27/G.222 is capable of taking off and landing in almost any operating condition. Proven as a dependable and robust aircraft, the G.222 can operate successfully even in harsh and austere environments. The G.222 has been a critical capability in numerous missions including humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, fire fighting, medical evacuation, troop transport, and logistical support.

The G.222 is currently in operation with the Nigerian Air Force, the Royal Thai Air Force, the Argentine Air Force, the U.S. State Department, and the Italian Air Force (version VS, electronic warfare).

About the C-27/G.222 ANAAC Program

In 2008, Finmeccanica’s subsidiary Alenia North America was awarded a contract by the United States Air Force to supply 18 refurbished C-27/G.222 aircraft for the ANAAC. The 18 refurbished aircraft will be used by the Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan. They will be transferred by the Combined Air Power Transition Force in Kabul to the reconstructed ANAAC. The C-27/G.222 will serve as the back bone of the ANAAC and aid significantly in expanding the capability of the ANAAC to provide humanitarian aid and security to the Afghan population throughout the country.

Alenia North America, as prime contractor, is responsible for program management. Logistical support in Afghanistan will be carried out by L-3 Vertex Aerospace. The aircraft are being refurbished and modernized by Alenia Aeronautica in its Capodichino facility near Naples, Italy.