TRACE Engines LP Receives FAA Production Certificate

The TRACE engine is a powerful, liquid-cooled, fuel-efficient, high-performance V-8 engine that is a cost-effective alternative to turbine aircraft engines.

“I feel the support we received from the FAA in audits leading up to the Production Certification is a model for industry and regulatory cooperation,” said Czarnecki. “The FAA Manufacturing Inspectors were critical in assisting TRACE in identifying areas for improvement and verification of production engine builds.” “Their feedback and TRACE’s strive for excellence lead directly to the result of zero findings during the Production Certification Board Audit completed in September.” Czarnecki added, “I would like to thank the San Antonio Manufacturing & Inspection District Office and Fort Worth Aircraft Certification Office for their support through our certification efforts.”

Design parameters for the TRACE Engine include a 600-hp rating, a preliminary TBO rating of 1,500 hours, the ability to out-climb, fly faster and use as much as 40% less fuel than its turbine-powered counterparts. For more Information on TRACE Engines, go to: or contact David Czarnecki at 432-230-9417.

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