Prime Turbines Now Offers You More: PT6A Engine Overhaul

(Carrollton, Texas) – Prime Turbines (Prime) now offers the revolutionary brand of PT6A engine overhaul services that was introduced to the market by Avatas Engine Support Services. Engine overhaul will complement Prime’s strong list of capabilities, allowing them to offer operators a comprehensive assortment of services for the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A Engine Series.

Avatas Engine Support Services (Avatas), which purchased Prime Turbines in the 4th quarter of 2008, has chosen to move forward under the proud and trusted Prime Turbines name and brand.

Joe Kolo, Vice President Sales and Marketing, said, “Prime Turbines has been known for their high quality workmanship and outstanding customer service since their inception in 1984. It makes sense for us to move forward under their highly recognizable and trusted brand.”

Les McIsaac, President of Prime Turbines – Hyannis, and founder of Prime Turbines, added, “I am very gratified that Avatas has decided to adopt the Prime Turbines name and feel it is a real tribute for all the hard work that has gone into building such a trusted and respected organization. The combined strengths and synergies of the new Prime Turbines will enhance our overall product offerings, making us better prepared to meet customer needs and react to current market demands.”

Prime Turbines now offers the revolutionary brand of PT6A engine overhaul, pioneered by Avatas Engine Support Services, which offers operators a variety of options and build specifications to customize the R&O process.

Being an Independent FAA Authorized Overhaul Facility allows Prime Turbines the freedom and opportunity to remain aligned with the interests and objectives most important to the operator. Prime Turbines offers the engine services operators need for today’s ever-changing environment. In challenging economic times like these, aircraft operators turn to experienced, proven shops they can count on to provide top quality service at a fair and affordable price. And with tighter budgetary constraints and greater demands for justification placed on aircraft and engine maintenance, operators need creative ideas to control cost while maintaining quality and reliability.

About Prime Turbines

Prime Turbines is FAA & EASA certified, specializing in Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A Engine Repair & Overhaul (R&O) services, along with hot section recertification, engine performance testing, power section & gas generator repair, fuel nozzle overhaul/exchange, and bleed valve overhaul/exchange service. The company is also an authorized distributor of FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (“PMA”) parts for PT6 hot sections.

Prime has earned the FAA Certificate of Excellence Diamond Award each year since it was instituted by the FAA in 1993. This award is for participation in the FAA Aviation Technician Training Program and is representative of Prime’s focus on quality and reliability.

Prime operates service and repair stations in Dallas, Texas (FAA KKOR693Y Certified Repair Facility), Hyannis, Massachusetts (FAA UE5R246N Certified Repair Facility), and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (FAA 3A6R191B Certified Repair Facility). Learn more at