Duncan Aviation Receives Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) Approval

LINCOLN, NEB. — Duncan Aviation recently achieved the next level of FAA delegated authority with its recent approval as a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and Major Repair and Alterations (MRA) ODA (Organization Designation Authorization) for its Lincoln, Nebraska, and Battle Creek, Michigan, locations.

This designation will allow Duncan Aviation to issue STCs for aircraft alterations on behalf of the Federal Aviation Administration. This includes the authority to approve design data, tests and analysis, as well as make a finding of compliance to the regulations. To support its ODA authorization, Duncan Aviation has a team of experienced avionics, structural, aeronautical engineers and flight test pilots dedicated to government and special programs projects. The approval allows Duncan Aviation to complete STCs for interior and airframe modifications and avionics system upgrades that support Glass Cockpits, cabin entertainment systems and other major avionics upgrades.

The ODA delegation will allow Duncan Aviation to be a self-approving entity, not only for the approval of data and the issuance of STCs but also for the delegated authority given to the Unit Members (UMs) on their team. By this delegation, the FAA takes on more of an oversight role and is less involved in day to day activities, explains Mike Chick, Duncan Aviation's Lead ODA Administrator.

"This is a huge responsibility for Duncan Aviation," Chick continues. "With the robust processes being put in place, Duncan Aviation should be able to offer considerably shorter STC certification times, which equates to shorter downtimes for customers."

For more information about Duncan Aviation's Government and Special Programs services, visit www.DunanAviation.aero/government.

Duncan Aviation is an aircraft service provider supporting the aviation needs of government and business operators and other service providers. Services include major and minor airframe inspections and maintenance, engine services, major retrofits for cabin and cockpit systems in addition to full paint and interior services and aircraft sales and acquisitions. Duncan Aviation also has aircraft components solutions experts available 24/7/365 at 800.228.1836 or 402.475.4125 (international) who can handle any aircraft system problem with immediate exchanges, rotables, loaners or avionics/instrument/accessory/propeller repairs and overhauls.

Complete service facilities are located in Lincoln, Neb., and Battle Creek, Mich. Additional locations include more than 20 satellite avionics facilities strategically located throughout the United States.

For more information about any of Duncan Aviation's services, contact us at 402.475.2611 or 800.228.4277. Or visit us on the web at www.DuncanAviation.aero.