NATA Answers The Call With Revamped 2010 Educational Programming

Alexandria, VA, November 3, 2009 - The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) is coordinating some of its major conferences and seminars with other leading industry events in 2010 to answer the needs of the aviation business community and provide added value and convenience. Free member update webinars and "for fee" training webinars are also among the new educational initiatives to be included in next year's program.

"A recent survey revealed that NATA members place higher value on training and educational programs in a down economy, but require more convenient access to these events due to budget and staffing constraints," said NATA President James K. Coyne. "A changed and challenging business climate demands new thinking in association programming, a demand that we are addressing through innovative and creative means."

NATA kicks off 2010 with an FBO Leadership Conference (January 25-26) in coordination with the National Business Aviation Association's Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference in San Antonio, TX. In March, NATA hosts its annual Spring Training Week of seminars (March 15-17) in conjunction with the Aviation Industry Expo in Vegas. Next year, NATA continues its strong partnership with AOPA in the General Aviation Serves America campaign hosting Town Hall meetings and other local events to educate politicians and the public at large about the importance of general aviation to communities and the national economy.

Continuing to reach out to members in new ways, NATA offers webinars as part of 2010 event programming. The NATA Government and Industry Affairs Team led by Eric Byer and including issues experts such as Jacqueline Rosser, Russ Lawton, Kristen Moore and Mike France take turns hosting free monthly issue updates for members. These sessions will be recorded and provided at for the accessibility of all members. NATA and NATA's Safety 1st team are also coordinating a series of modestly priced webinars to supplement on-site seminars with compact, efficient and convenient sessions on topics such as customer service, environmental compliance, human resource management, and more.

"NATA's goal is not only to fulfill, but to exceed the need for training and career and business development education in our industry in the most convenient and cost effective manner. These ideas are part of a new path toward success that we are asking our members and industry participants to join us on in 2010," Coyne said.

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