Ingersoll Rand Invests in Customer-Centric Innovation Even During Challenging Economic Conditions

Ingersoll Rand’s QE2 Series DC Electric Screwdrivers and Nutrunners, launched in March, were developed to be easy to use and maintain.

Davidson, NC – Nov. 4, 2009 (NYSE:IR) – Better control over their machines and systems. Better ergonomics and durability in an economical package. These are just two of the customer needs that Ingersoll Rand has addressed with their launch of a series of new products since the beginning of 2009. By implementing the outcome driven innovation processes- a proven customer insight methodology, which delves into what customers really want – the functional, social and emotional outcome they are ultimately trying to achieve through a purchase -- Ingersoll Rand tailored their new product development investment to meet the specific needs of its customers.

Better control over their machines and systems -- Ingersoll Rand’s X-Series System Visualization, launched earlier this year, is a cutting-edge intuitive user interface that allows the customer to monitor and control the status of his or her air compressor system from their own computer or wireless device anywhere in the world. The configurable graphic functions and easy access to each air compressor in the system are just a few of the many features Ingersoll Rand developed to meet customers’ requests while also saving operational costs through improved efficiency and reliability.

Better ergonomics and durability in an economical package -- Ingersoll Rand’s QE2 Series DC Electric Screwdrivers and Nutrunners, launched in March, were developed to be easy to use and maintain. These enhanced features make it tailor made to what customers required while helping to reduce downtime even in high-volume applications. The products are available in straight, angle, pistol and fixture models all with durable composite bodies and comfortable handles and grips, allowing the user to focus on the task and not the tool.

“Even in these challenging economic times, Ingersoll Rand chose to invest in customer-centric innovation,” said Manlio Valdes, Vice President, Global Product Management, Ingersoll Rand’s Industrial Technologies Sector. “We determined that the best course of action for us was to spend the time truly understanding our customers’ requirements and then give them exactly what they asked for. And we will continue to focus our innovation and new product development in all of our product areas around our customers’ needs.”

Watch for several new Ingersoll Rand products to be launched over the next few months from their compressed air, tools and fluid, and material handling product lines. These new products will continue to be in-line with Ingersoll Rand’s commitment to developing and enhancing the products, services, and systems needed by customers to drive best-in-class efficiency, productivity, and reliability.

Ingersoll Rand’s Industrial Technologies Sector provides products, services and solutions that enhance our customers’ energy efficiency, productivity and operations. Our diverse and innovative products range from complete compressed air systems, tools and pumps to material and fluid handling systems and environmentally friendly microturbines. We also enhance productivity through solutions created by Club Car®, the global leader in golf and utility vehicles for businesses and individuals.

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