Aspen Avionics Announces Availability of Version 2.0 Software Upgrade for Evolution Flight Displays

Albuquerque, NM, November 06, 2009: Aspen Avionics, Inc., maker of the award-winning Evolution Flight Display System, announced today that it has released its Version 2.0 software upgrade kit to its dealers, allowing them to immediately begin upgrading EFD1000 Primary Flight Displays in the field to the new software level. The update is provided to dealers via a field upgrade kit from Aspen that includes a Secure Digital (microSD) card that quickly loads Evolution Flight Displays with new software updates and optional performance packages. The 2.0 software upgrade kit is free from Aspen Avionics, and any authorized Aspen dealer can perform the upgrades.

The entire Evolution line of Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) and Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) is based on the same software platform, so improvements made in functionality and compatibility can be applied across all Evolution products in the cockpit. The development of the recently released Evolution MFD drove enhancements to the PFD and MFD software platform that resulted in the Version 2.0 code base. Now Evolution Flight Displays already in the field can be easily upgraded to benefit from those expanded capabilities offered by the new Version 2.0 code.

“We named our product line ‘Evolution’ for a reason,” said John Uczekaj, President and CEO of Aspen Avionics. “Aspen redefined the GA retrofit avionics industry by introducing a unique glass cockpit system that can be easily and constantly improved through software updates and optional enhancements. We provide our customers with a glass display system that meets their immediate needs and budget, yet still has the ability to grow with them over time as their requirements increase and new technologies are developed.”

While there is no requirement for current PFD owners to upgrade until they add an MFD or the EHA option to their Evolution system, many may still choose to do so. The Version 2.0 software has a number of new enhancements to the previous Version 1.1 software shipped with the earlier PFDs, including improvements to the EFD1000 functionality and its interfaces, many of which are the direct result of feedback from Aspen’s customers.

Some of these new features include:

* Enables support for multi-display PFD and MFD configurations, including the ability to remove most mechanical backup instruments

* Enhanced GPSS performance and annunciations

* Greatly improved screen dimming for night flight

* Output of air data information for use by GPS navigators

* Altitude trend vector display

* Improved altitude minimums alerting

* Support for traffic, weather, and lighting information and interface for EWR50 Evolution Weather Receiver, via the optional EHA upgrade

* Enhanced AHRS solution to further improve support for aerobatics, aggressive maneuvering, and helicopters

* High speed ARINC 429 inputs

* Pitot blockage detection

* Improved interface with the Remote Sensor Module to eliminate link failures

Version 2.0 also makes it possible for Aspen PFD owners to add Evolution Hazard Awareness (EHA) to their EFD1000 Flight Displays. The EHA upgrade for the EFD1000 Pro PFD integrates datalink weather, lightning detection, and traffic into its navigation display, and is fully compatible with many of the hazard sensors already installed in GA cockpits today. The EHA upgrade for the EFD1000 Pro PFD is also available as a bundled package with Aspen’s popular EWR50 Evolution Weather Receiver.

“Evolution Hazard Awareness for the Pro PFD is but the first of many optional upgrades we will release for our Flight Display products,” continued Uczekaj. “Aspen is actively developing other exciting features and capabilities that can be added to our PFDs and MFDs via software updates or through the addition of modular equipment. We will continue to build on our promise of providing GA aircraft owners with affordable, expandable and upgradable cockpit systems.”

The Version 2.0 field upgrade kit can be obtained free from Aspen and installed by any authorized dealer. The Evolution Hazard Awareness Software Upgrade Kit for the EFD1000 Pro PFD is listed at $795. The EHA Software Kit for the Pro PFD is available as a bundle package with the EWR50 Evolution Weather Receiver for $2,995. All Aspen units are available only through Aspen Avionics Authorized Dealers. A complete list of dealers can be found at

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About the Evolution Flight Display System

The Aspen Evolution Flight Display System is an affordable, expandable and upgradable PFD, MFD and hazard sensor cockpit solution for general aviation aircraft. The highly flexible Evolution Flight Display System lets aircraft owners install all three Evolution Flight Displays and options at once, or separately, as their needs and budgets permit.